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Norwegian Couple Got Married In First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years


Norwegian Couple Got Married In First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years

Amazing wedding ever!

Each one of us has plans as well as the way in which our wedding should be organized. Ranging from a wedding celebration on the moon, under the ocean, in the garden, and even in the hall, the event is indeed a special one.

Having theirs in a rare style, a particular couple from  Norway agreed to take their wedding to the next level by revitalizing the Viking culture.

Yes, the first traditional Viking wedding of about 1,000 years was held by a beautiful Norwegian lake. The couple, Rune and Elisabeth Dalseth, decided to ditch the conventional Christian way and opted for a ceremony inspired by weddings that took place 1,000 years ago.

A Big Congratulations To Elisabeth, 27, And Rune, 36, Dalseth. They Tied The Knot On 25th Of August.

In a bid to hold their dream wedding, the pair planned a lot of things, including two longboats, finding a pagan priest, and blood offerings. They equally spilled the blood of an innocent animal – pig, which was later enjoyed as part of the feast. While the wedding welcomed a peaceful atmosphere, let’s tell you how they met.

Elisabeth Dalseth, a 27-Year-old, was a beautician

Elisabeth and Rune met in May 2016 at a bar, fell in love, and became a full-time home mother to her eight-month-old son. Never was she a Viking enthusiast. Later on, Rune introduced Elisabeth to a whole new world and slowly started embracing the Viking culture.

They Got A Gothi Who Acted As A Priest To Bless Their Marriage

Rune Proposed To Elisabeth During A Viking Festival And Both Announced Their Dream Wedding

A Pig Was Even Sacrificed During The Event

Currently, there are over 6,000 revivalists interested in bringing back the Viking culture and tradition. Rune and Elisabeth’s wedding marked a historic day – the first time a Viking wedding was held in over 9 centuries.

Accordingly, The Couple Had 130 Guests Who Enjoyed Old Norse Songs

At Dawn, Rune Arrived In A Longboat With His 10 Closest Buddies

The Hunting Horns Were Blown To Signify It Was Time For Guests To Assemble And Witness The Union

The Priest – Holding A Dried Rose In One Hand, Chants Blessings To Officiate The Union

Then Came After The Brullaup, A Race Between Two Families Who Were Unified Through The Wedding. Fun Game Time

Elisabeth Loved Her Woolen Cloak, and She Looked Gorgeous!

The Pair Was Blessed With A Son, And They Also Opted For A Dog

Meet The Small And The Happy Viking Family. Also, Meet Baby, Ragnar!

See A Short Clip Of The Gothi Chanting Blessings

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