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Bride Excommunicated By Her Family Because She Wanted A No-Kids Attendance At Her Wedding


Bride Excommunicated By Her Family Because She Wanted A No-Kids Attendance At Her Wedding

We have read plenty of bridezilla stories and now it’s the turn of the stepmotherzilla.

A bride posted on Reddit how her stepmother had ‘excommunicated’ her from the family because she and her fiancée had wanted an adults only wedding.

Their restrictive decision meant that her step-sister’s one year old son would miss the wedding.

The couple wanted to keep the wedding small, which meant that they could not invite any kid since everyone else would want to tag their children along.

The bride explained that when her step-mother got wind of their plans, she ‘flipped out’

Her family decided to pull out of the wedding, excommunicated her from the family and her stepmother went on further to call her fiance’s mother and said some pretty nasty things about him and her mother.

In the now deleted post, she wrote ‘I explained that it wasn’t because we didn’t love him, it was that if we open it up for him to attend then we need to open it up to my fiance’s side of the family which would put us at 13 children and ultimately not be what we were looking for on our day.’

The couple had even offered to pay for a babysitter for her step sister and her partner, but they declined to come to the wedding without their son.

Eventually, the whole family followed suit and they all fell out.

The bride then went on to ask Reddit users if they thought she was in the wrong.

Most people agreed that it was her wedding and she was free to organize it however she wanted.

One wrote, ‘Why are they excommunicating you over a 1-year-olds attendance? That baby will never remember your wedding day and likely would never care that he wasn’t invited.’

Another added, ‘I’m sorry. It’s your wedding, not your stepmother’s. You are not being unreasonable at all.’

‘It’s totally reasonable not to want children at the wedding, especially if that means there will be 13 of them. And you can’t make an exception for just one child, family or not. ‘The fact that you offered to pay for a babysitter is beyond reasonable and it’s clear that your stepmother simply does not care about you or your wedding, only about herself. Do not feel bad about this,’ another person posted.

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