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20 Of The Best Coachella Outfits That Were Hotter Than The Season


20 Of The Best Coachella Outfits That Were Hotter Than The Season

We’re seeing so many amazing outfits being rocked last weekend.

It may not be the Paris Fashion Week, but Coachella brings out a different side of people as one world’s biggest music festivals ever. From performers such as Billie Eilish to prominent supermodels, it’s a place where you can find the most daring, chic, fashion-forward outfits and looks ever.

These are all absolutely fire and even as a roundup, we know we’re missing a lot of amazing dresses, jumpsuits, and splatters of color. Harry and Lizzo in pink, Eilish in her iconic baggy clothes and comfy shirt with chonky shoes. And speaking of chonky shoes, Michelle from Japanese Breakfast has the pair of shoes people would die for.


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Anita went for the comfy, fit look in both happy mix of colors and baby blue set.

Lizzo x Harry Styles

A surprise that was very much pleasant to the fans was Lizzo x Harry Styles combo in puffy pink Gucci overcoat.

Lola Thompson

Lola Thompson is another Aussie influencer, a dancer, who maintained an exposed midriff throughout her time in Coachella. She’s had also matched a black bra with a pair of white pants, her G-string showing.

Megan Thee Stallion

Amy Sussman

The rapper who teased her new song last week had came back in the same futuristic fit, but in jade green.

Carly Rae Jepsen

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Can you see the twinkling stars? Yes, that’s Carly Rae in a set of lace top and pants paired with a pair of black lace shorts.

Ari Lennox

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The summer was hot, but we’re also blaming Ari for being an extra sun on the stage.

Billie Eilish

Billie performed in the most Billie-esqued look with the comfy matching shirt and shorts, knee bracers, before invited Hayley Williams on stage.

Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner

Michelle went for a 90’s vibe complete with the chonky boots, before she switched for a Tokyo fashion in this sheer sweater top and a dyed-ink sports bra underneath.

Conan Gray

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Conan Gray shiny pink sequin look set such a vintage tone to the performance. And those platform shoes, wow!


Normany got off her rented place in this extra risky crop top, pink strapped heels, and kept it cool with her hair tied up in double buns.

Georgia Mae Gibbs

Aussie Sports Illustrated model Georgia Mae Gibbs flaunts her figure last weekend, with iconically the knitted white tribal set above by Aussie designer Dennisse M. Vera. She’d previously gone with a strapless triangular silver top and a pair of white pants.

Gabrielle Epstein

Another fellow Aussie model who showed up was Gabrielle Epstein who went extra daring in this risky devilish look. Her “top” was no more than a PVC bralette that barely covered anything of her top part with a mini denim green skirt.

Amelia Marni

Former Love Island star Amelia Marni arrived and ready for party in a black ensemble complete with a black gat. The look is part of Beginning Boutique’s collection that were worn by several Australian influencers at the event.

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A post shared by AMELIA MARNI (@ameliamarni)

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia keeps a stylish look when off-stage in this patterned dress from Disco Lemonade.

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