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10 Obvious Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore


10 Obvious Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Perhaps, it’s time to re-evaluate.

It’s heartbreaking to feel that the man you’re with no longer loves you and doesn’t want to be around you anymore. He might not have said this to your face, but your heart keeps telling you that something is off. You possibly might have even asked yourself, why hasn’t he broken up with you instead of dragging things? The bitter truth is breakups aren’t that simple; it’s hard to do. 

Perhaps, your man may genuinely not want to hurt you. However, if you’re starting to notice that your relationship isn’t what it used to be despite all your efforts and you are getting all uncomfortable about the situation, it’s time to sit back and re-evaluate. Do you know the signs that tell he’s indeed no longer in love with you? If you don’t, we’ve got you covered; it’s better to know so that you can define where your relationship stands. Here we go!

He Protects You.

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A man who genuinely loves you will ensure you are safe at all times. He will regularly call to check up on you while ensuring that you arrive safely at your destinations. He might even come to pick you if you work late because he’s so concerned about your safety. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He wouldn’t call nor ask whether you need him or whether you feel safe. He won’t express the slightest concern even when someone is bullying you. He doesn’t care anymore, or perhaps he is a coward. 

Loved Your Appearance. 

Being in love means accepting the flaws of your significant other. A man who wholeheartedly loves you will never feel differently about you. He will give hints about putting certain outfits that he thinks will grace your curves. In his eyes, heart, and mind, you will always be gorgeous. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He will regularly criticize how you look or even tells you that you need plastic surgery to match his taste. He wouldn’t care about hurting your feelings and would gladly emphasize your flaw. This isn’t a sign of true love. 


Flirting is suitable for long-term relationships, especially as it can improve intimacy. Flirting with your significant other is vital if you want to keep the spark alive.

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He will no longer respond to your erotic movements and even teasing photos. He also won’t be giving positive feedback, which of course, is a sign that something is wrong in your relationship. 

Expressive And Gentle. 

A healthy relationship is filled with a display of emotions! Your man wouldn’t be shy about calling you sweet names, and the little things he does loudly speak of how much he loves you. Being there when you need him is a sign that he wants to spend his life with you. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He will never display signs of affection. The intimacy, which includes hugging or kissing when he returns home from work or an outing, wouldn’t be a physical activity anymore. 

Response To Your Requests. 

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A man who loves you will naturally respond to your requests. This helps them express their love and affection, especially if they aren’t comfortable with verbal signs of affection.

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He won’t even bother because he doesn’t want to. Minor requests will not mean anything, and of course, he wouldn’t care about making you happy nor helping you with anything, even if they are trivial.

Overlooks Your Faults And Shortcomings.

Your man will rarely discuss your flaws and shortcomings if he’s genuinely in love with you. No human is perfect, yet someone who loves you will never point out faults in front of other people; instead, he will paint you better in their eyes. 

When He Doesn’t Love Your Anymore:

He will humiliate you in front of friends and family members. At this point, you will have to re-evaluate the relationship and ask yourself whether to continue or not. It’s a clear sign of disrespect and is often used to express the decline in feelings. 

Being Attentive.

Research has proved that men don’t have a long attention span when women talk to them, but this isn’t the case when they discuss the women they love. A man in love will always be eager to hear all about your day. 

When He Doesn’t Love Your Anymore:

He will be avoiding every topic or change it, especially if he’s doing something. He will constantly pretend to be busy to avoid having a conversation. He will naturally think of you as less important and would also care less about your worries. 

Works With Your Habits. 

Men have habits the same as women. Most women enjoy spending hours in the bathroom or talking on the phone. A man in love will work with these habits and will ideally be okay with them. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

Your man will condemn everything you do. He will send negative comments and wouldn’t hesitate in insulting your behavior. 

Attentive To Your Emotions.

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Men don’t like seeing their women cry, and according to research, it’s because they see it as a way to manipulate a partner. Nevertheless, a man in love will see the sadness behind your tears and will always want to console you. He will give a shoulder to cry on because he cares a lot. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He wouldn’t bother to ask you what’s wrong and might even slam you for having an outburst of anger while claiming you cry over everything. 


Jealously is a norm. If your man truly loves you, he will be jealous of men paying more attention to you. He feels this because he’s scared of losing you. But as long as it isn’t out of control and if it didn’t result in abuse, it’s a normal thing. 

When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore:

He will never be jealous, even if other men are lurking around you. He won’t be bothered about you getting calls from a male colleague. He’s entirely not interested anymore. 

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