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25 Times Men Prove How Interesting Species Are They


25 Times Men Prove How Interesting Species Are They

Which part of the brain did they use?

Living with your loved one can be full of interesting things. Well, especially when you live with men because they are just such a unique species. They have brains that can really think out of the box at times. Others are simply the kind that can be ignorant about things that are not life and death.

Well, overall, it’s really fun to live with these men. Happyhumanity has compiled 25 most hilarious moments people had living with them.

1. Bf’s sister invited them to her wedding, so she was asking about her theme to choose an appropriate dress.

© RachhMiller6 / Twitter

2. Husband: Where are the markers? Wife: Why?

© unknown author / Imgur

3. Man’s attempt on cracking a walnut on a table.

© ihavenomemes96 / Reddit

4. At 1.30 AM, bf has killed a roach with a blow dart gun.

© kkaylihebert / Twitter

5. Either the woman was invisible or the man had a really bad eyesight.

© robinschaer / Twitter

6. This bite was made by bf.

© foxeir / Reddit

7. For the past 14 years, this pair of twin withdraws and gives each other $100, which they deposit back. They’re now 39.

© ammo4280 / Reddit

8. Wife absolutely hates Nicholas Cage.

© / Reddit

9. Their firs child born in December, now on a magic seal for gf’s Valentine’s Day.

© heycarla / Reddit

10. 9 dudes got their pictures taken and months later, it’s up on the billboard of their hometown.

© Whodatboi69 / Reddit

11. The way husbands cuts piza for the pepperonis are not sliced.

© lordofthepotterfiles / Reddit

12. He knows.

© unknown author / Imgur

13. Husband: Don’t ever say I didn’t get you flowers.

© skittlewig / Reddit

14. Bf always draws faces on vegetables and fruits that are forgotten.

© ayrtz111 / Reddit

15. Dry shampoo exists. But that’s about the gist of what this man knows.

© blaec_francis / Twitter

16. Couple is trying to get healthier and bf puts up motivational signs. One of them is this stuck on the fridge.

© ElectricAndromeda / Reddit

17. Bored bf accompanying gf to cash a check. A real keeper.

© meb136369 / Reddit

18. Husband broke the mixer years ago, but he improvised, adapted and overcame.

© ashleykailani / Imgur

19. When you know each other so well that you’re always one sentence ahead.

© ecogggswell / Twitter

20. Wife is using moss for spring decoration. Husband decided to add his own touch.

© JBizNES / Reddit

21. Asked bf to close the chip bags.

© boopin_snoots / Reddit

22. Dad: No stray cats, it’s dirty! Also dad:

© leaf876 / Reddit

23. Wife lets husband unleashes his inner nerd, so this is how the newborn session plays out. Lord Hamish of House Shirley, first of his name.

© Uninteresting_guy/ Reddit

24. Bf made bowls out of hot glues.

© dreatheplaya / Reddit

26. How real men settle parking spot war.

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