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9 Signs That He Has Not Moved On After The Breakup


9 Signs That He Has Not Moved On After The Breakup

He tries to showcase himself as a changed man.

Love is the most intimate domain of a person’s life. Meant to be known and shared by only the lovers, the emotional and physical dynamics of falling in love have enthralled humans as long as they have existed.

In the pursuit of romantic gratification, we sacrifice our time, money and pretty much anything we cared for to invest ourselves in the relationship. But even experts agree that dedication and determination are key to a successful relationship.

However, more often than not fate doesn’t spin our lives toward the “paths less traveled”.

A break up may ensue. Detrimental as it may be, accepting it wholeheartedly is the first step to moving on. The emotional bonding and nostalgic memories may take time to fade into oblivion. But even as you heal, how would you ever know if he completely moved on with his life after the fight.

We come to your rescue with 9 signs that may indicate he still hasn’t gotten over you or better yet moved on.

1. He doesn’t forget to wish you “happy birthday” over text

It may not be a solid proof that he hasn’t moved on, but he remembers your special day nonetheless. The secret, however, is in identifying the tone and timing in the text. If it is a random” hey happy birthday” at midday, it’s not serious. But if its something going like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE” you have to talk.

2. He invites you to his house parties

Perhaps you reunited at a random party. However, he reminiscence on those days and decided to send you invitations to date. Tread carefully to avoid embarrassing situations with him.

3. He has sent “drunk texts” to you at ungodly hours

The thought of getting up suddenly at ungodly hours to a lover who haunts us. If he is getting sloshed to call or text you, probably he hasn’t quite moved on.

4. He tries to showcase himself as a changed man

It is nice to be in touch with an ex. But if you find him boasting about his recent achievements most of the time, chances are he is trying to win you over with the “I’ve changed look”

Think through The job promotion stories and recent trips abroad they may be there to sweeten the deal.

5. You are unblocked in his social media accounts

When a relationship ends, most partners in their emotional volatility choose to block each other on social media platforms. If he has left you unblocked on his social media accounts, chances are that he still stalks you and sees everything happening in your life.

6. He tries to make you feel jealous and unwanted

This often happens fresh after a breakup when emotions run high and volatile. A guy might suddenly add Instagram stories and snap chats with random ladies after a break-up. This is often an age-old trick to make the partner jealous. This is just an immature person trying to win you back using jealousy.

7. He is not looking for “anything remotely serious” right now

While his social media accounts say that he goes out every single week and hangs out at flashy pubs and joints he sticks to his statement “I am done with relationships right now. I am not looking for anything serious at the moment.” This a camouflaging last attempt to keep himself available for you to notice.

8. He still asks others how you been since break up

This one is obvious. If he spends time asking your friends how your life is after the breakup, he is still emotionally invested in you. He doesn’t want you to know but wishes you subtly did without confronting him.

9. He keeps posting pictures with you on his timeline

If you get tagged in posts of pictures with captions like “a throwback to days when life was better” then clearly he has not moved on from the relationship.

Healing after a break up is not easy but as they say, time heals everything. Eventually, moving on with life is possible but if you want to go back to your ex, check for genuine flaws in their character. Live your life the way you deserve to.

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