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Youthful Gran Who ‘Looks Better Than She Did In Her 20s’ Becomes Bikini Bodybuilder Judge


Youthful Gran Who ‘Looks Better Than She Did In Her 20s’ Becomes Bikini Bodybuilder Judge

It’s about training hard and turning it into a lifestyle.

There is a popular saying, ‘age is just a number, and Anca Nicoleta Ward is living full proof of the phrase. She is a bikini bodybuilder who has bagged many titles at various competitions over the years. And now, Anca holds judging positions at fitness contests too.

The grandma has wowed fans with her looks as she claims she ‘looks better than she did in her 20s.’

via Matt Marsh / SWN

She has participated in many bodybuilding competitions over the years, and as a result, she’s been able to keep her youthful looks. The 39-Year-Old claim of looking better than she was in her 20’s couldn’t be less agreed with, as she was seen at the Pure Elite fitness model contest in Manchester, judging the contestants over the weekend. 

Due to her experience in the field, she was allowed to sit among the event judges at Middleton Arena, watching the contestants’ display.

The granny shared her story on how she first got into the ‘fitness world,’ explaining she had relocated from Romania 21 years ago & now settled in England, where started body-building contests. “I’ve always been into sport. I’ve done karate since the age of seven; then I did dance back home. When I came to England, I carried on doing running and even did a few marathons. Then I went to the gym and saw these huge people. I thought, ‘I don’t look like them; why don’t I?’” 

via Matt Marsh / SWN

 “I spoke to a trainer, and he said weight training is the way to go, but I knew nothing about nutrition. I didn’t know what not to eat or how to rest my body. Then I got into weight training; I used to watch bodybuilders in America and thought I can do that,’” Anca revealed.

She’s got a collection of trophies she has amassed over the years, featuring several titles from the ‘Bikini Wellness’ category at world championships. She has also taken the stage at several other competitions and even bagged a victory at the ‘Mums that lift’ contest. Anca is no doubt not done with the fitness industry as she continues striving to be a champion, despite owning two stepchildren, a son, and even a grandson. 

via Matt Marsh / SWN

“Thinking about it, I must be the first professional bikini wellness champion to be a grandma,” She declared, hoping to follow her passion in the forthcoming years.

“Everybody always asks how long I want to do it for. I’m not sure; I’m going to do it for as long as I enjoy,” the personal trainer added. So far, the ‘Super gran’ burns a whopping 3000 calories when off the season, and every evening takes out four hours to prepare food for the following day. Anca, who is married to Ted, 57, seems to put a lot into her fitness career as she is conscious of what meal to eat to foster her body fitness. 

via Matt Marsh / SWN

Anca [pictured with her husband] consumes carbs to propagate her workout and eats a lot of protein to build muscles. These include fish, potatoes, rice, and Chicken.

That’s not all there is to her fitness prowess. Granny spends hours practicing and perfecting her poses, glamming up for shows, and also taking a lot of time pumping iron. “My first competition was after I had my son. After having Teddy and starting weight training, I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I looked better in my thirties than I ever looked in my twenties.” Anca narrated.

“It’s all about training hard and turning it into a lifestyle. I don’t drink; I don’t smoke, a lot goes into it,” the icon insisted. 

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