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Only_fans Gran, 51, Says ‘Insecure’ Young Models Refuse To Work With Her


Only_fans Gran, 51, Says ‘Insecure’ Young Models Refuse To Work With Her

It’s all because of her age.

Mishel Karen is delighted with her sexuality. Suppose someone thinks it’s a disgrace or embarrassing to flaunt their body; Karen isn’t thinking the same, especially as being bold and beautiful at 51-Year-Old has earned her $500 in the first month on OnlyFans for just a series of bikini shots. 

While she was fired as a police trainer for refusing to comply with COVID mandates, Karen now makes an income of $30,000 monthly through the adult site.

Being successful comes with the unexpected! Despite Karen’s popularity on the platform, the grandmother has revealed younger models in the business have shunned her because of her age. The “Married At First Sight” star told Spencer Pratt on his Looped Series “Judge Me” about how the young models react towards a professional like her. 

“On shoot days where you go with lots of other creators, there’s the young girls that are quite insecure. They don’t like us older, mature, curvy girls. They don’t want to shoot with us because they think ‘You had your time. Go away. You’re too old. No one wants you here.”

Karen then insisted she’s confident about herself while the young models are insecure. “They feel very insecure with the MILFs or the GILFs because we’re very confident. I can take my top off, and I don’t care! We’ve got a droopy set of b**bs, and they’ve got perky b**bs, but they don’t feel confident doing that.” With this turn of events, Karen has since moved to a partnership with models of her age for a better business. 

However, Karen’s daughter Eva [pictured] is a little embarrassed about her career line. 

Speaking on the Judge Me Show, she stated: “It’s a little bit embarrassing when my friends find out that my mum’s doing this. I prefer if she didn’t do it but then again, I don’t really have a say in what she does.” Of her first earning of $500, Karen admitted it was awesome as she could pay a bit of the bill and bought groceries, but then her content has evolved and is now classified as hardcore. 

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