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Waking Up Between 3-5 Am Could Actually Mean You’re Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

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Waking Up Between 3-5 Am Could Actually Mean You’re Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Waking up in the middle of the night means more

The body is able to tell us many things about what is going on if we just pay attention. By proper observing and listening, you will be able to know what kind of warnings it has been giving as well as the spiritual signs it may be giving.

Why do some people wake up in the middle of the night? This turns into a habit for some and because of that, little gives much thought about it.

But Green Lemon did a little research and found out that this may be more than just a routine trip to the toilet.

Chinese acupuncture is a hint.

Traditional Chinese medicine and healing methods involved energy meridians that are given pressure through acupuncture or acupressure. According to Chinese medicine, energy meridians are strongly related to body clock which affects your sleep patterns as well.

When you wake up at night, it could be due to your body telling you something.

It’s commonly believed that humans receive messages during their sleep from a higher power. Waking you up can be a form of communication for details on your spiritual journey.

Meanwhile, if you have trouble sleeping between 9 to 11 pm, you could be facing some kind of stress. This usual sleep time should not be met with issues. If it’s between 11 pm to 1 am, you could be having emotional disappointment.

Traditional Chinese knowledge on healing reveals that when the gall bladder is active during this time, it can mean emotional disappointment is heavy. When you stay awake between 1 to 3 am, it could mean anger is running through your body. That’s because it’s your liver is showing its weakness.

Between 3 to 5 am is the golden moment when a higher power could be reaching out to you.

This timeframe is highly related to your lungs as well as sad emotions as well as when higher power is trying to talk to you and bring you to a higher purpose.

And then, between 5 to 7 am is related to emotional blockages when energy is mostly concentrated around the large intestines. During these hours, you might want to stretch your muscles to help with going back to sleep.

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