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This Abandoned Rabbit Saved From The Street Clinging To Its Teddy Bear


This Abandoned Rabbit Saved From The Street Clinging To Its Teddy Bear

Who would be heartless enough to leave a bunny in a box?

A rabbit has been found abandoned in a box on the side of the road. The bunny was dumped with its favorite teddy bear, which almost has the same color as its fur – really sad.

Well, here’s the good news, both the bunny and its teddy bear have been rescued by the England & Wales Chapter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Operating in the United Kingdom, the abandoned rabbit has been named Nigel and presently hoping for a new home.

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The Bunny, Nigel Was Abandoned With Its Favorite Teddy Bear


The Hairy Pair Was Rescued By The RSPCA

And Are Both Hoping For A New Forever Home


The representatives of RSPCA visited Turnham Road in Lewisham, South East London after an animal lover informed them about the abandoned animal and its toy. Presently, Nigel is in good health and doesn’t have any injuries. Likewise, its teddy bear is perfectly fine.

Both In Perfect Health And Shape


Nigel is being cared for at an animal boarding facility in Kent waiting for a new owner. With Nigel’s attachment to its stuffed bear, it appears like a toy from its previous home. Their adorable friendship is so cute as it melts people’s hearts.

The Rabbit Fur Color Is Identical To The Teddy’s


And Here’s Where Nigel And His Teddy Were Found In A Box

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However, a large number of pets are neglected and abandoned every year in the United Kingdom. The RSPCA has rescued and gathered over 102,900 pets since 2018 and according to the agency, there are ways at which one can give up an unwanted pet. The agency opined contacting a rescue center or charity will help any missing pet find a new owner.

People Hopes Nigel Finds A Loving Forever Home

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