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Teacher Gets Fired For Posting Bikini-Clad Photos On Instagram


Teacher Gets Fired For Posting Bikini-Clad Photos On Instagram

School admins said the teacher’s online image wasn’t consistent with workplace policies; thus, she got fired.

For the Columbia-based Yeimmy Ilias Isaza, teaching is now axed. She has reportedly been fired from her job as an instructor after administrators at her now-ex-school stumbled upon sultry photos on Instagram. They insisted that Isaza’s online image was inconsistent with workplace policies, so she got the boot. 

While she’s said to have been a hit with her students, the beauty posts proved too much for her bosses to handle.


In a photo [pictured below] that sent over 1800 digital tongues wagging, Isaza dazzled in a metallic gold bikini and lacy cover with a crotch-high slit. It’s just one of the seductive schoolteacher’s numerous sultry snapshots. A message penned beneath the photo read: “It’s just not only believing in you, it’s about working on you.”

In other photos, Isaza flaunts her curves in skin-tight bodycon dresses, silky lingerie, and itty-bitty bikinis. 


As per The Sun, the abrupt exit from her teaching post has since sparked a cry of support from people who found her attire motivating rather than inappropriate. Someone wrote: “I think envy is one of the greatest evils of our time.” Another advised: “What a beauty! Don’t pay attention to those who criticize just to criticize.” 

Since being fired, Isaza, as per The Post, is doing pretty well for herself. 

And has even landed a new position, though its details remain hidden. 

Nonetheless, this comes as Roxsana Diaz [pictured below] had criticized the school’s parents in late August for showing off her hourglass figure in form-fitting outfits. Accordingly, Patrice Brown, a first-grade teacher from Atlanta, Georgia, had been dubbed Teacher Bae after pics of her teaching in clinging shirts and skirts emerged online. 

Brown told The Post: “Teachers are often bullied by the administration, parents, other teachers and in higher grades, the students. What teachers are wearing should not be the focus. The focus should be on the kids.” 

Patrice Brown

Even though she was fired from her job, the 33-Year-Old reportedly continues to wear clothes that accentuate her curves. 

Patrice Brown

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