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Proclaimed ‘Professional Bimbo’ Reveals What She Looked Like Before $300K Plastic Surgery


Proclaimed ‘Professional Bimbo’ Reveals What She Looked Like Before $300K Plastic Surgery

“If someone doesn’t like it tell them not to look at me.”

Going under the knife for Mary Magdalene remains a version of an “extreme sport” that she’s very much addicted to. The model from Toronto had her first cosmetic procedure at age 21, which she reportedly revealed was a botched b**b job performed by a dentist in Mexico. In four years since she has lost count of the number of surgeries she’s had. 

But of those she can recall, Mary has had countless lip and cheek fillers, liposuction procedures, five b**b jobs, three Brazilian b*tt lifts, two v*ginal surgeries, and five rounds of b*tt injections.


More recently, she had all her composite veneers switched out for a set of extra-large dental crowns, which made her unable to talk or eat properly. Mary claims her goal is to achieve a blow-up doll look and asserts that the more plastic surgery she gets done, the more confident she becomes. The proclaimed “professional bimbo” also stated that her fans pay her to exist. 

The 25-Year-Old who has since splashed over $300K on plastic surgery to transform herself into a living blow-up doll now boasts of an enormous size 38J breasts and claims to have the “world’s fattest vag*na.”

“Plastic surgery is my extreme sport. A hobby. Many people are addicted to their hobbies [but] I think as long as I’m not hurting anyone and it makes me happy, there’s nothing wrong with it. People put themselves in danger hiking in the mountains because they love their support. I am okay taking some risks and hiking into the plastic surgeon’s office because that is one of my hobbies, and I’m very passionate about it,” Mary told The Sun.

With the extremity comes an immense danger. In 2021, Mary almost died on the operating table during a procedure to enlarge her v*gina and make it the fattest in the world.


Amid the procedure, she lost a lot of blood; she had to get two blood transfusions. The incident did little in the way of putting her off going under the knife again, but then Mary has insisted: “I will never stop getting surgery as long as it makes me happy. There’s no endpoint. It’s a forever thing. Surgeries require maintenance forever, and I like to change my look.” 


While the model is proud of her appearance, she admits that her exterior garners negative attention online and in person. 

Mary says she’s often told she looks like a monster or someone an evil spirit has possessed. Similarly, she regularly receives death threats from trolls who urge her to kill herself or perhaps warn her that they’re going to harm her. “It’s very ugly stuff,” she stated, adding that she’s, however, not bothered and believes such comments say more about the person saying them than they do about her.

“I’m very confident because of my looks but also just because of who I am as a person. Being judged so hard by the world has made me kinder and more empathetic if anything. Looking different makes it easier to see the uglier in the world, which is a good thing in a way.”

Nonetheless, Mary credits plastic surgery with helping her change her life, stopping stripping and cutting off all her sugar daddies to make her money. In the coming months, she plans to get four implants in each of her legs to make them appear more muscular and intends to get her tongue split like a snake and her ears pointed like an elf.


She’s also looking forward to getting a toe reduction and another enchantment to v*gina. 

Here’s a message to the trolls from Mary: “It’s my passion and it’s a hobby.” 

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