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Woman Who Wants ‘World’s Biggest Bum’ Reveals She Struggles To Date


Woman Who Wants ‘World’s Biggest Bum’ Reveals She Struggles To Date

“I am pretty extreme so I think people are afraid of me.”

Natasha Crown believes “the bigger, the better” when it comes to her bum. But her dream of having the world’s biggest bum has meant her love life has taken a back seat. The 27-Year-Old has shared that her extreme body makes it hard to find true love and has been single for seven years. 

Speaking on Hooked On The Look, the Serbia-based said her last relationship was 7years ago and that due to being extreme, some people are afraid of her.


“It’s scary for men. You have my personality and then you have my body, and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme.” Taking about her desire, Natasha said she’s going to have the world’s biggest bum, and that remains her goal, and she’s going to reach it. 

“When I was 20-Year-Old, I did my first surgery and it was a BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift]. I did my last butt lift one month ago, and that was the fifth. Soon I will have my sixth.”

A Brazilian butt lift involves a surgeon removing fat from one part of the body and pumping and sculpting it into the bum. While on the show, Natasha was set up on a blind date with a bloke who was eventually left shocked about the whole thing, telling the camera: “I’ve never meant a person who is famous for having the biggest butt in the world.”


Sadly, there was no romantic attraction, but Natasha claimed she was delighted to have given it a shot. 

Truly via YouTube

Previously appearing on This Morning, Natasha had spoken about wanting a 90-inch backside. To gain the necessary 20-25kg of extra fat needed for the surgery, she shared she’s currently on a high carb diet, eating everything from pizza, Nutella, pasta, and hamburgers. She had told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield: “if you want to have a bigger bum, surgery is the next step.”

Natasha, who has spent $150K for her quest, was just 20 when she had her first-ever butt lift.

And had since had four more, boosting her bum to unbelievable proportions.

Watch Natasha’s Full Interview With ‘Hooked On The Look’ Here:

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