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Model Says God Wants Her ‘To Keep Stripping’ Till She’s Age 75

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Model Says God Wants Her ‘To Keep Stripping’ Till She’s Age 75

She believes it’s part of a divine plan.

Nita Marie is currently one of the OnlyFans top earners, thanks to her kinky content that shows her clad in sexy lingerie. The Colorado-based claims she has regular conversations with GOD, asking if he is happy with her X-rated exploits, and the answer has since been always YES.  

Marie admitted she had found her faith after having a dream about Jesus when she was 9.

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While she’s a devoted Christian, the 46-Year-Old believes the Bible is misogynistic as it was written during a time when women were not allowed to read or write. As a result, Marie made it a goal to help women embrace their sexuality. The beauty has also insisted that God wants her to keep up her OnlyFans account until she’s a senior citizen. 

“God is guiding me through my OnlyFans career, and he said I should continue creating content until my 70s,” Marie said in a recent interview. 

via love_nitamarie/Instagram

She added: “To me, sexuality is a huge part of my faith. When we experience an organism with someone else, we share a small part of how God feels about us.” Marie admitted she wants to empower older women to continue feeling beautiful and enjoy s*x, stating, “I want to be a GILF [grandma I’d like to f**k] and empower older women to look and feel good in their own bodies. 

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“I also want to encourage them to have an active sex life. I know that God doesn’t want me to retire.”

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The mom-of-two insisted her husband is supportive of her OnlyFans just as God is. And that while he is happy with her raunchy sharing photos with fans, he’s also more than willing to share her with God in the bedroom. Previously, Marie had revealed she, her husband, and their divine creator get together in bed at least twice a week for the best s*x she’s ever had. 

Fellow believers often blasted the busty blonde over her career but insisted it was all part of a divine plan.  

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However, Marie had empowered women to have their own cosmetic business and become work-from-home moms in a Christian-based business. Notably, in 2017, she started modeling to regain self-esteem/confidence and soon monetized it. 

She continues to bring her positive attitude and beliefs to women worldwide.

via love_nitamarie/Instagram

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