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‘Mom Paid For My B**b Job So I Could Cash In On OF, I Make £40k A Month Now’


‘Mom Paid For My B**b Job So I Could Cash In On OF, I Make £40k A Month Now’

They’re never going hungry again.

Sofia Sunshine saw her life change after she started selling raunchy content online. Before this, she used to live off food banks and had tried out jobs, from waitressing to selling cars to help put food on the table. The Canada-based had also struggled to find the right fit, yet she had to support the family, especially as her mum, Samantha, 63, got diagnosed with arthritis in her 40s and was unable to work at times.  

In 2017, the 32-Year-Old joined OnlyFans but having developed pancreatitis, Sofia lost much weight and the shape of her breasts, which saw her earnings plummet. 


 “I’ve always loved having big b**bs, as I loved the attention and [they] helped me feel sexual. When I got sick and lost weight, it was like a huge part of my personality went missing. Most guys watch my content because they love my big b**bs, so making content without them felt almost embarrassing. I ate through most of my savings during this time and I felt depressed as I didn’t feel like myself without my b**bs.”

Thankfully, her mum stepped in and paid for a breast enhancement, so she could keep doing what she loves.


And so far, she’s now making $50,000 a month from the subscription-based site. 


Before falling sick, Sofia boasted 32D breasts, but it decreased to 32B throughout her illness. Now, having spent $10,300 on surgery, she has 36E breasts and has insisted she finally feels like herself again. Sofia added: “I cried tears of joy when I got my implants. Simply put, my mum chose to pay for my b**b job because she loves me and wanted to see me happy, supports my industry, and is proud of what I do for a living.”

Her followers love the bond between the mom-daughter, and currently, Samantha is Sofia’s official PA. 

While the mom-daughter has since drawn the line at being in each other’s presence amid filming, Samantha isn’t disturbed about working with her daughter on the adult content. However, from being homeless to now living in her dream home, Sofia now earns enough to ensure she and her mother will never have to go hungry again. She equally donates some of her earnings to people in need by buying big boxes at shops that are then given to food banks or donation boxes at the pet store. 

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