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Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One, Researchers Say


Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One, Researchers Say

A painful process no therapy or counseling can solve!

If you’ve unconditionally loved and lost a dog, I guess it was undoubtedly a painful one for you. Considering a dog as a member of your family makes it not just the animal you once knew. You both share bonds and become each other’s companion as well as bestfriends, thus losing them brings about deep sadness.

Many at times, dog lovers and owners grieve and tend to process the loss of their loved pets before moving on. People around them during this period might not understand their pain, mainly because they haven’t experienced such.

They might just tell the grieving owners to get over it since it’s just a dog, but honestly, it only worsens the pain and tears. Nevertheless, science has now proven that grieving at the loss of a loved dog is not unusual, but a valid and real experience.

Researchers suggest that getting over with the loss of a dog might even be harder than healing from the passing away of a human. We at Happyhumanity has, however, learned how difficult it can be to get over losing a dog, and interestingly, we are willing to share them with you.

Five Reasons Why Losing A Dog Is As Difficult As Losing A Loved One

#1 Grieving

In the study, it was deduced that people have bonded with dogs and humans the same way. And when a canine best friend passes away, mourning them isn’t the same way people mourn for humans. When a close-human friend passes on, one can easily seek therapy or perhaps have the support of friends, loved ones and family.

But when a canine friend passes on, attempting a therapy might result in negative social repercussions, thus making it quite tough for owners to reconcile a pet’s death.

#2 Bonding

An official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Study revealed that humans generally forge bonds with their pets as when compared to the bond formed with people. The human brain interprets these bonding processes, in the same way, implying that our bodies produce the same hormones when we bond with both dogs and people. So, when you lose a dog, letting go of the creature you’ve deeply bonded with can be ultimately difficult.

#3 Guilt

Feeling guilty about the passing away of one’s pet is normal. So, carrying around the guilt with you can make saying goodbye very difficult. You feel like you could have done more, even when you truly know that nothing more can be done.

#4 Routines And Memories

Dogs and their owners tend to spend most of the time at home and when the pets pass away, the home becomes different. You will no longer feed your pups or them take out for walks, and you don’t hear their runnings around the house – all of which can make you feel completely lost.

#5 Love And Comfort

Once your pet dies, it’s expected for one to lose the feelings you have built around them. You lose their love, their presence, their companionship and importantly their comfort. Losing all in one go can make you feel very empty, plus it’s a kind of feeling that hurts to lose.

However, losing a pet is entirely heartbreaking. And if others around you don’t understand why you grieve, just tell them you’re feeling backed by science.

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