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‘I’m Too Hot For Daycare – Moms Think I’ll Sleep With Their Husbands’


‘I’m Too Hot For Daycare – Moms Think I’ll Sleep With Their Husbands’

Can we stop being judgmental?

In disapproval of her kinky career as an Only[F]ans star, Lena Nersesian, has been subjected to death stares at her daughter’s daycare by fellow moms. Each time she drops off her toddler at the center in Los Angeles, the 31-Year-Old also gets snubbed. As a result, she has declared she’s perhaps too hot for daycare.

Lena had attained the spotlight, garnering over a 1.6million fans on YouTube after revealing she lets friends sleep with her fiancé Adam John Grandmaison. 

Lena and Adam regularly share their naughty s*x tapes with paying subscribers on OnlyFans, where they’ve raked in tens of thousands of dollars. So far, the brunette beauty has urged women not to judge her for her steamy job and insisted she’s just a typical mom when she’s not performing on camera. 

“I think some of these moms think I’m going to strip and start having s*x with their husbands right there if they don’t watch my every move,” Lena told

She added: “In their minds, I’m some kind of perverted s*xual beast that wants to sleep with anything that moves. I’m not a homewrecker; I’m a successful blogger, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who has built my brand up from nothing. My fiancé is just as successful, and we have respect for ourselves and others, regardless of what some people may think.”

Lena insisted she couldn’t care less about the judgmental moms and pities them for their pious perspectives. 

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Lena continued: “It’s sad in a way but only for them. It’s 2022, and people should be able to see beyond lazy stereotypes. Unfortunately, they are still well-entrenched with some people, but there is nothing I can do about that.” Outside of their unconventional work lives, Lena and her partner enjoy an everyday family life consisting of home-cooked meals, day trips to the park, and movie nights.

Since she started performing on camera five years ago, Lena shared she hasn’t looked back and claims the Kinky career has been convenient since becoming a mom.

via Jam Press/freelenatheplug

“Working as a performer has given me immense freedom to pursue my goals. I had a bit of me off after I had my daughter, and it allowed me to reassess what I wanted to do. It may not be everyone’s taste, but I love it, and makes me feel sexy and fulfilled. It also puts a roof over my family and food on the table. If that is not freedom and progression for women, then I don’t know what is.” 

However, Lena’s flexible schedule means she can pair her career pursuits with raising her daughter. 

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