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Woman Makes £80,000 By Pretending To Be A Giant In Her Only_fans Video


Woman Makes £80,000 By Pretending To Be A Giant In Her Only_fans Video

“I want people to know that it is okay to be different.”

A 6ft 2in woman struggles with her dating life because of her height which towers over most people. But the same feature had allowed her to rake in cash when she signed up on OnlyFans.

Marie Temara is over 6 feet tall (188cm) and broke up with her boyfriend last summer.


Marie was even bullied because of how she looked at school, but her confidence has been on the roof nowadays. The Florida woman recalled her days, “I’ve started to feel proud of being tall. I wore six-inch heels out to a bar with my friends for the first time last year, and I felt amazing.”

“Everyone looked, but I was proud. If people don’t like me because I’m tall, that’s their problem.”


Marie had always resented the fact that he came from a “family of giants” which gave her the same DNA. Her dad, Mike Temera, was the same height as her. Her brothers, Shane and Troy, are even taller at around 6ft 9in (205cm).


But what used to be a troubling subject became the reason she went viral on TikTok, and now, a career on OnlyFans.

She shared, “I always hated being so tall and wished I could be like one of the small girls. When I first posted a video saying I was 6ft 2in and weighed 200lb (14st 2lb) I couldn’t believe the response. Everyone was so positive and lovely.”

“I went from being the person who no guy ever wanted to everyone thinking I was good-looking. So many girls messaged me privately saying it meant so much for them to have someone to look up to.”

“I was always a head taller than everyone else. I used to get bullied for being so tall. People would call me a boy because I was taller than everyone else, which was really hard,” Marie shared the time when she attended secondary school.

“It was hardest when I reached middle school because that’s when you start liking guys, and I was so much taller than them. I would like them, but they wouldn’t like me back. I would slouch down hallways and in pictures. I would slouch down or lean to the side to look shorter.”

As she grew up, Marie’s choice of men was narrowed to only tall men, and it was rarely smooth-sailing.

“Dating was really hard. I used to only look for tall guys. There were a lot of guys who used to say that I was too tall or height would come up while chatting on a dating site, and most of the time, they weren’t interested after that,” shared the woman.

Marie lost her accountant job in April 2020 and broke up with her boyfriend in August 2021. She decided that it was time to change.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it blew up, and it instantly went viral,” she shared. “I was so shocked – I thought, ‘Wow, people actually like this.’ So many people commented saying they thought I looked so good and thanked me for sharing, saying they finally have someone they can look up to.”

She’s roped in her mom in her videos, joking about their height by making her wear one of her highest heels.

She now sells pictures and makes subscription-only content on OnlyFans, earning £60k to £80k every month. And it all began when people suggested she try the platform after her TikTok blew up.

She also talks about the shortcomings of being tall.

“My feet always hang off the bed,” she mentioned one of them. “I have a Ford Mustang, and it’s so small, I have to squash myself down and stretch my legs out the whole way – I need a truck!”

She continued, “I have to duck under showerheads too because I’m always too tall to fit underneath them.”

That said, she’s not fully given up on accounting. She plans to earn enough money to start her own business in the future. And she’s proud of herself.

“When I think about how far I have come, it does make me feel emotional. I just don’t want any other young girls to feel the way I did, and if I can help people feel more confident and proud to be tall, then that means everything to me. I want people to know that it is okay to be different.”

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