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‘I’m 23, People Think My 63-Year-Old Fiancé is My Grandpa, But We’re In Love’


‘I’m 23, People Think My 63-Year-Old Fiancé is My Grandpa, But We’re In Love’

The couple is trolled for their age gap but insists they’re madly in love.

Public displays of affection and lavish date nights are mostly what you will see in the videos of the couple, who goes by the names Cowboy and Angel on TikTok. Their age remains unknown, but the pair seems to have decades between them.

And despite their protest of true love, they’ve become targeted by trolls for their age gap. 


On a daily basis, the couple gets heavily trolled, but they insist they’re in love and age is just a number. 


Some of the cruel comments they’ve since received include: “I miss when my grandma used to hold like that,” suggesting that Cowboy is old enough to be Angel’s grandfather. Another person had written: “Awwww it’s no nice when daughters are close with their grandpas.” A third added: “This makes me feel better about my daddy issues.”

Some people even accused the couple of being a sham, with many saying Angel is only in it for the money. 


One user commented: “What money can buy.” A second agreed: “Oh, she’s waiting for that check.” The public opinions have so far not gotten to the couple, as they are happier than ever and madly in love. The Sun reported that Cowboy and Angel just recently even took a trip to look at dogs; as they plan to expand the family. 


FYI, the pair are engaged, with Angel often flaunting her diamond ring. 


She had captioned a video of theirs: “Soulmates till the day we die,” alongside the hashtag #agegaplove. In another which the pair cozy up together on date night, Angel also wrote: “Goofy love is the best love.” Thankfully, not all the comments are heartbreaking, as some people have stepped in to defend the age gap relationship.

@cowboy.and.angel Soulmates till the day we die 💘 #fypシ #agegapcouple #agegap ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

A commenter shared: “I love seeing you happy! Coming from someone who is also in an age-gap relationship. Don’t listen to the haters.”


Another person said: “You two are so adorable. People are just jealous!” 

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