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‘My Girlfriend’s Way Hotter Than I Am, People Are So Jealous’


‘My Girlfriend’s Way Hotter Than I Am, People Are So Jealous’

Everyone thinks she’s out of his league!

A guy has the whole internet jealous of her hot girlfriend. The man’s name is Will, and he never stops gushing over his girlfriend, Katiana. Now at 3 million followers, the couple always gets troll comments on their funny couple videos.

Despite all that, the two have been together for the past four years with no hurdle.

Recently, they shared several rude comments they’ve received from people who don’t believe in their genuine love for each other.

One of them wrote, “Rich or packing. There’s no other way.”

Another user suggested that they were in a paid contract and commented, “How much does he pay you?”

“Wear nothing if you need help,” added another troll.

But despite these trolls believing that it’s jarring to see stunning Katiana be willing to date a man like Will, they have supporters. Many supported the two, mocking those who prioritize looks over personalities.

One person wrote, “All the men in the comments not realizing that women aren’t as blatantly fixated on looks as they are. You two are adorable together. Best wishes.”

Another commented, “I actually think the guy [Will] is hot, not gonna lie.”

“Guys in the comments be acting like this man is not tall, has a decent style, clear skin, and nice hair. He’s cute, come on,” wrote another supporter.

The couple’s viral clip has been viewed over 15.2 million times and has got thousands of jealous men commenting on his video.

Looks aren’t everything, after all!


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