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‘I Was Addicted To Greggs, But Now I’ve Given It Up And Lost Six Stone’

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‘I Was Addicted To Greggs, But Now I’ve Given It Up And Lost Six Stone’

Staceylee wouldn’t swap her present physique for the world, not even for a Greggs steak bake.

Ditching GREGGS for Staceylee Richards was hard. The 38-Year-Old had a dwindling process as she fought with bakery favorites in 2015, becoming a bodybuilder but soon piled the pounds back. Working in a banking office brought temptations as there was always a cake, biscuits, and coffee. 

But the biggest culprit for Staceylee was Greggs.


She shared: “Working in the banking office was hard as there was temptation everywhere; if it were sometimes birthday, there would be a cake, or at long meetings, we’d have biscuits and coffee.” Of her Greggs’ addiction, Staceylee added she goes every lunchtime to order steak bake, bean melt, ham and cheese baguette, a sausage, and a jam doughnut.”

October 2021 was, however, the month for the now-personal trainer as she determined to get into shape. 

At the time, Staceylee contacted her old training coach and soon found herself ditching the daily steak bake, bean melt, jam doughnut, and baguette. She said of the struggle that has now been overcome: “I was addicted to food and I would think about it constantly. It was my comfort for when I had ups and downs as food always made me feel better until later on when the guilt would hit.” 


The South Wales-based is currently 9st, and she couldn’t be happier. 

Staceylee, who was 15st at her heaviest, as per The Sunadmitted that thinking about her Greggs addiction now makes her sick. “My eating and lifestyle habits are worlds away from my banking days and I couldn’t be happier. Now I can’t even find women’s size four jeans that fit and I have to shop in the children section. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” 

The trainer also insisted she wouldn’t swap her present physique for the world, not even for a Greggs steak bake, no matter how tempting it is. 

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