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‘I Believe God Gave Me Herpes To Turn My Life Around, Now I’m Happier Than Ever’


‘I Believe God Gave Me Herpes To Turn My Life Around, Now I’m Happier Than Ever’

It has nothing to do with promiscuity.

Alexandra Harbushka has insisted God gave her genital herpes as a wake-up call to turn a life around. Before coming to terms with this, the stigma of the STI had sent the 39-Year-Old spiraling into depression, but she has now managed to see the infection as a physical manifestation that’s divine. 

And to break down the stigma, Harbushka has launched her LifeWithHerpes website to raise awareness.

“It was absolutely devastating, crushing, and suffocating. I thought that now I had herpes, nothing mattered. I didn’t think I was deserving of love. It took me two years before I came to terms it. I felt like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I cried every day; I just couldn’t seem to get out of this fog,” Harbushka told Kennedy News. 

In 2011, the Nevada native was diagnosed with STI after contracting it from her then-boyfriend. 

At the time, she was in her late 20s and felt directionless after the diagnosis. Harbushka was living with her parents yet struggled with her finances and binge drank. She alleged she wasn’t promiscuous when she contracted the infection, which can be passed on through vaginal, anal, and oral s*x.

@lifewithherpes We asume that you get herpes because you lived a promiscuous lifestyle, and slept with a ton of people. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that. However, what I’m saying is herpes doesn’t have anything to do with thr number of people you’ve slept with. You get herpes from skin to skin and that can take just 1 person. #herpes #coldsores #livingwithherpes #hsv1 #hsv2 #lifewithherpes #dayinmylife ♬ original sound – .

She added: “I believe that God was giving me messages that I wasn’t on my path. I wasn’t being who I was meant to be. Finally, he gave me herpes so I would wake up, listen and make changes.” 

According to Harbushka, the condition can flare up if she’s not taking care of her health – Bad lifestyle habits make outbreaks more frequent and intense. 

@lifewithherpes First i want to preface, I’m not a doctor so talk to your doctor if you have questions. And second, these are just suggestions. Some people can consume a high arginine diet and get few outbreaks and then others can avoid all the high arginine foods and still get outbreaks. With that being said I want you to listen to your body and see what triggers and what doesn’t trigger herpes outbreaks. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your lattes or the snacks you love. Check out more vidoes for more suggestions and check out the lysine i take daily. #herpes #coldsores #livingwithherpes #hsv1 #hsv2 #lifewithherpes #dayinmylife ♬ original sound – Life With Herpes / Alexandra

“A lower immune system can lead to outbreaks, and there are certain foods that can trigger outbreaks. Chocolate, coffee beans, coconuts, peanuts, and sugar can trigger them.” Harbushka has since found dating quite challenging in the years after she broke up with her ex-BF. The brunette beauty said men often reject her but decided to transform the setbacks into something positive. 

And just as she did, Harbushka found her Mr. Right. She’s happily married to her husband Bill, and the pair share a 2-Year-Old son. 

The beauty says Bill is supportive of her speaking publicly about her STI and that it was his idea to launch a TikTok account to reach out to many who also suffer from genital herpes. She declared: “I want people to be educated so they can practice safe s*x. If somebody has herpes, I want them to know how to live with it and not let it hold them back.” 

However, CDC reported that 11.9& of a person aged 14 to 49years has genital herpes, and an estimated 572K new infections are recorded yearly in the United States.  

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