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Gym Bunny Flaunts Natural Tummy In Candid Pics To Show Women That ‘Being Fit Isn’t A Body Type’

Body Positivity

Gym Bunny Flaunts Natural Tummy In Candid Pics To Show Women That ‘Being Fit Isn’t A Body Type’

Comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy.

A dedicated gym bunny, Emma Apell, has flaunted her natural tummy to show other women that a fit body is not a body type. The coach, known as livewellwithappel in the post on Instagram, also urged that fit people don’t have to be perfectly toned. 

She posted two photos showing how different bodies can look when posing and when we wear clothes differently. 

The photos showed how easy it is for our bodies to appear utterly different by staging a photograph. “The other day, I was reflecting about what my intention with my Instagram is. I want to make a difference in the fitness world. I want everyone to feel a part of the fitness community,” Emma wrote in the caption of her post. 

One of the pics showed her sculpted bod looking super lean with her shorts pulled up to the waist, while the other showed her modeling low-rise shorts, which showed her natural tum. 

She added: “I want everyone to work out to take care of themselves,” I want everyone to realize that a fit body is not a body type but that a fit and healthy body can look a million different ways. I want to help you realize that fitness is much more than just training and nutrition.”

“It is about how you feel, to feel stronger in all areas of life. That is also why my Instagram is focused on mindset, training, and reality.”

Emma, who shares health/fitness tips and all things body positivity, alleged she wants to spread happiness toward training while letting her audience understand that moving their body is a blessing. She urged them to appreciate their life, be grateful and understand that comparing themselves to others on Instagram is the thief of joy.

She concluded: “I want you to become your happiest and strongest self. In all areas of life. And if I can help just one person love their body a little bit more, then I am more than happy.” 

As the post went viral, many people celebrated and applauded Emma for speaking the truth. Some people said it’s a good reminder for people to love their bodies, as one person wrote: “The world needs more people like you.” Another added: “This is so important. Thank you.” While a third stated: “You look absolutely incredible in both photos. Keep slaying.” 

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