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Fashion Influencer Reveals Her Secret Wardrobe Weapons To Feel Amazing


Fashion Influencer Reveals Her Secret Wardrobe Weapons To Feel Amazing

Don’t just look good; feel good!

Everyone has that set they love wearing out and feel great about it. From underwear, and makeup, to shoes, and just like those pairs, plus-size influencer Sophie Hughes love sharing what she wears that makes her look and feel amazing in them!

The fashion influencer shared her wardrobe tips and the first one you can’t go wrong with is the classic coat.

In Sophie’s words, “It’s timeless and chic and adds an elegant twist to any outfit. It also never goes out of style.”

“I feel like I can take on the world in a camel trench.”

With the winter season arriving, layering up is one of the best things to do about it. Be honest, some of us just really love being able to finally take out your sweaters and high boots again!

The extra style that comes with white sneakers really can’t be compared with anything!

There’s something about white sneakers that’s just so sleek. It especially mix well with vibrant colors and works with darker shades as well. Sophie shared, “With a chunky white sock, these are an absolute staple for me. They’re young, fresh, and funky.”

“I’m living my best princess Diana-inspired life and can be worn with almost anything!”

An oversized black blazer is great to look smart this weekend.

“Investing in a fab-quality oversized black blazer is a must! This is perfect with a T-shirt dress and chunky boots, it’s perfect over a fancy dress to keep you warm, it’s cute with a white tee and black jeans, it’s so versatile!”

“Makes me feel amazing as I always feel classy and on-trend with minimal effort.”

The white shirt combo.

The white shirt look might be one of the most seen sight in offices, but doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for a stylish day out. Sophie shared why she loves it.

“A crisp white shirt makes me feel like I’ve made an effort even when I have made zero! It suits everyone, and can be dressed up or down.”

An oversized one doesn’t just feel comfy, but looks amazing and can be mixed with just about anything or if you’re feeling colorful.

That sleek leather look.

They’re comfy, they curve and fit to your body, and they’re some of the easiest to bring with you when traveling: skinny leather leggings! Our confident, bubbly influencer said, “They accentuate my bum and make me feel sexy. They can be taken from day to night really easily, and are so versatile!”

She left one important reminder when it comes to picking your look for the day.

“I think dressing for your size and shape is really important and you should wear things that make you feel confident versus just what’s in fashion this week.”

“For example, low-rise is back in fashion but that doesn’t suit my body type so I will be giving that one a wide berth! I have slimmer legs and a wider top half so I like to wear a skinny fit on the legs to accentuate my best bits, such as these leather pants.”

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