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Breastfeeding Mom’s Heart-Touching Encounter with Orangutan At The Oldest Zoo In The World Goes Viral


Breastfeeding Mom’s Heart-Touching Encounter with Orangutan At The Oldest Zoo In The World Goes Viral

A scientifically administered establishment since 1752!

Gemma Copeland is known as a keen traveler and didn’t want to conclude her journeys because she has a child. Wanting her son to explore the world from an early age, Gemma and her spouse took him to Vienna, Austria.

Not expecting the trip would change her perception of the world, an ape did alter Gemma’s perception. The ape who took time engaging with Gemma and her Child during a very intimate moment, undoubtedly made her journey an unforgettable one.

The family was visiting the Schonbrunn Zoo when Gemma’s son got hungry. Taking out time to feed her son, Gemma sat down by the window of an orangutan enclosure to breastfeed her child and then the unbelievable happened.

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Gemma Copeland

‘The breastfeeding experience in public have been diverse. Some individuals appear curious, while others are contented At one time, I was asked to cover up my baby while he was feeding, to which I responded by handing a spare muslin and asked them if they minded covering up their selves. Instantly, the whole situation ended leaving me to enjoy my coffee as well as my bond with my son.’ Gemma told Bored Panda.

Fortunately, people this time around appreciated the beauty of nursing. And probably Gemma couldn’t find a more comfortable place to breastfeed her son than the Schonbrunn Zoo.

Gemma Copeland

Discovered in 1752, it’s recognized as the oldest operating zoo in the world, having prided itself as a scientifically administered establishment that sees its actual purpose in the center for species conservation as well as general nature conservation.

As Gemma’s Experience Went Viral, She used The Exposure For A Good Cause

Gemma Copeland

She urged People To Donate To The Borneo Orangutan Rescue, Dedicated To Rescuing Endangered Animals

Gemma Copeland

Here, However, What People Said About Gemma’s Ape Moment

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