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27 Hilarious Pics If You’re Not Paying Attention To The Background


27 Hilarious Pics If You’re Not Paying Attention To The Background

Always check your photos before posting online!

The background of a photo seems to be where the most unexpected things happen. Thousands of such photos flood different social media platforms, featuring true photobombs that people didn’t instantly notice. While they’re undeniably hilarious, they remain a wake-up call that YOU should always check what’s going on behind you before you pose for a picture. 

Also, it’s essential to check what’s the background of your photos or videos before sharing them with the internet. Otherwise, you might end up like these people who have funny things in the background of their photos. Here we’ve collated 26 pictures where the most fascinating things happened in the background. It’s pretty much safe to say that, indeed, they stole the spotlight. Without holding back, have a look, enjoy and laugh out loud. 

“Photobomb Your Mom.”

 Stinkybutt123 / imgur

“Right Place The Right Time.”

denissnb / reddit

“Kid In The Back’s Face Sums Up A Couple Of Posers.”

unknown author / imgur

“Went To Take A Picture Of My GF At Brunch When Suddenly.”

 FatKeystone / imgur

“We All Have A Friend Like This.”

 Mandermania / imgur

“My Son Has Conquered The Photobomb.”

WatermelonPOWAH / reddit

“This Is How Faithful I Need My Man To Act.”

vibeswithbabe / twitter

“I Took A Selfie In Front Of Cinderella’s Castle But This Girl Did Not Approve.”

Gurnetlight / imgur

“My Family Took Our Christmas Photo Today. Our Dog Joined Us Too.”

fiveeightthirteen / reddit

“When A Horse Photo Bombs You.”

jman2k15 / imgur

“Clown Photobomb.”

verguy / imgur

“Best Unplanned Picture I’ve Ever Taken.”

 mrsyelslab / reddit

“He’s Right Behind Me. Isn’t He?”

unknown author / imgur

“The Jealous Cat.”

unknown author / imgur

“Fun Day At Spi.”

 ReubenRubenc21 / twitter

“Lifeguard On Duty.”

 7oh7_ / twitter

“What Happening Here.”

CrunchyToast19 / imgur

“I Got The Perfect Picture Of My Louie, But Then I Saw The Background.”

sinfolaw / reddit

“Kids These Days Grow Up So Fast.”

Krumma / pikabu

“Photobomb Level: Bartender.”

 UneasyPerson / reddit

“I Couldn’t Help It.”

Duderina / reddit

“Photobomb Level 8.”

Neckrolls4life / imgur

“Timmy Always Had His Own Agenda.”

tryistarz / imgur

“Photobomb Level Sexy!”

andruha1123 / imgur

“Flipping Through My Pictures From Uganda, I Found The Best Photobomb.”

nickal01 / imgur

“The Background Activity Is Clearly Better Than Any Photobombs.”

LingLingEst / imgur

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