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29 Times Wedding Photographers Snapped Something Strange


29 Times Wedding Photographers Snapped Something Strange

Unforgettable, hilarious snaps from their special day!

The most important thing about a wedding is making memories. The preparation can go up to months in advance before the special day. And for all of it not to go to waste, a photographer is essential to capture all the moments during the special day.

That includes these really hilarious snaps that might not be part of the ‘perfect wedding’ couple usually imagine. But they’re just as precious, if not more, as other moments!

“This cat photobombing the wedding picture.”


“Wedding photographer gave us a smoke bomb to use during our shooting. Things did not go as planned.”


“Got married and wanted to show you guys my favorite wedding photo. The Wade to my Bron.”


Between hiring a wedding photographer and letting your uncle Bob takes the pictures, who should you get? Is saving that extra $3000 worth it? Looking at this list, you can totally tell that these pictures wouldn’t look so good if they hadn’t got a professional to help them with the pictures.

“The flower girl at last night’s wedding.”


“As a wedding photographer, I peaked with this capture.”


“A sneak peek of my sister’s wedding photos.”

Jenny Cupcakes

“Worst wedding guest ever.”


When your kids just really want to run and play.

“A friend from high school got married on Halloween…”


“My brother got married in January; my parents loved this photo. So do I, but for different reasons.”


“My friend walked out of the reception when the bride and groom were supposed to.”


We all have the same expression as the guy in the right. Where is your other shoe?

Awkward Family Photos

Wedding photographer Emily Millay reminds people, “Wedding photographs are the one thing you walk away with from your big day.”

When you’re going through your special day, it’s very likely you won’t have the attention and energy to think about pictures for every single moment of the day. This is where a professional photographer enters the scene.

“Always the bridesmaid?”


“My sister just got married, she asked me to save her a newspaper from her wedding day.”


That bird has objections about the wedding.


“Flower girl is done with this wedding sh**.”


“Who needs a wedding cake when there’s shawarma?”


“When friends are getting married and you’re there to drink.”


We r da cool kids having a cool wedding.

Awkward Family Photos

She doesn’t understand why she’s there.

Orange Girl

“Showed up on Facebook. About half a second before the groom kissed dirt.”


Look at that perfect timing.


The price isn’t cheap – while it can go as low as $1000, it’s typical to see people spend over $2000+ for an album. On top of that, they know exactly what they’re doing and can help schedule with you when to take family pictures or around the venue.

But if you let an amateur family member or friend does it, it gets awkward to make requests and they’re still respected guests for your reception. You still have to thank them even if you don’t like the pictures!

“One in a million wedding picture.”


“Wifey sleeping on the hotel hallway after our wedding.”


“I nearly lost my eye to confetti on my wedding day.”


“This kid really doesn’t like weddings.”


“My bartender asked me if I was in a wedding with midgets.”


“Groom’s sister passed out at the exact moment the judge said, ‘You may kiss the bride.”


“Buds class 300 (Navy SEALS) incidentally photo bombing some wedding pictures, bride and groom don’t look too happy.”


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