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27 Most Hilarious Examples Of Celebrity Photobombs


27 Most Hilarious Examples Of Celebrity Photobombs

Celebs are used to being on camera or being chased by people!

Taking a shot with a well-known person is only midway to success. It isn’t easy to really get a good photo, and many people get very creative at the moment like this, which is not always right. 

Additionally, celebrities themselves can do some strange things. These well-known people are really not to be blamed for stealing the spotlight as they are familiar with being on camera or chased by paparazzi.

Nevertheless, have a look at some of the A-lister photobombs ranging from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty.

#1 Jason Momoa led his inner Aquaman for this wedding shoot!


#2 Photobomb Level Over 9000

#3 Arnold Schwarzenegger Photobombs Tourists In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

Y-G2006 -Via

#4 Fan Takes Photo With Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, Epic Photobomb By Bryan Cranston

#5 Old Man With Cigar Spoiled The Photo With Celebrity

tristashtuk -Via

#6 The Old Lady Is A Slash Fan, But She Doesn’t Know Slash Is Standing Behind Her

meeganhodges -Via

#7 Guy Wanted To Take A Pic In Front Of Microsoft Sign, But Then Bill Gates Happened

ew00d -Via

#8 Just A Selfie With Bruce Springsteen

jaapgrolleman -Via

#9 We Got Photobombed By Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad) At Coachella Yesterday

#10 “My friend met Beyoncé in New Orleans. She said, ’Whatever face you make, I’ll make.’ ”


#11 “My friend was having fun at a bar and met Tom Hanks there. He took his glasses, put them on, and fell asleep.”


#12 All right, I have found Robert Pattinson, but where is the camera in the stupid phone?!


#13 “The best selfie in my life.”


#14 “Girls, let’s all say cheeese!”

#15 This place offered free meals to Liam Neeson as a joke, and he came!

#16 Ed Sheeran fan meeting


#17 When you went to school and accidentally met the prince:

#18 Happy fans — sad Kanye West


#19 Sophie Turner was amazed to have Ryan Gosling sitting behind her.

#20 “So my friend was outside a Broadway show when this guy grabbed her phone to take a selfie with her.”


#21 “As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things.”


#22 “This was the day when we met the Queen.”


#23 “Looks like Rihanna wasn’t really happy to see me.”

#24 “Adam Sandler recognized me and took a picture with me when I made a post about me on Reddit. Guess who is who.”


#25 “The time I was a little nervous to meet Morgan Freeman.”


#26 “Met Peter Dinklage at the X-Men Days of Future Past NYC premiere. I’m 6′ 6”, so he decided to take a selfie with me when I asked for a photo. The result is awesome.”


#27 “Here’s a pic of Bill Murray staring at my boobs. This is the only picture I have with him. Enjoy. Thank my aunt.”


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