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22 Times People Hilariously Proved They’ve The Perfect Sense Of Humor


22 Times People Hilariously Proved They’ve The Perfect Sense Of Humor

Is life easier with a great sense of humor?

A perfect sense of humor is strongly linked with psychological health. Observed in almost all cultures and at all ages, some individuals, in particular, appreciate engaging in pranks when their beloved ones are around them.

Being around people with a good sense of humor is equally a never boring moment. While a lot of pranksters are everywhere, the ones in this article are exceptionally good. So, here are the 24 hilarious ones from individuals whose sense of humor will keep you highly entertained.

#1 Bald Head Up For A Grass Clearing Tattoo

unknown author / reddit  

#2 This Gives Me Judging Eye At The Gym

unknown author / imgur  

#3 A Good Sense Of Humor In Action

Muppaphone / reddit  

#4 Hey Dude, Your Leg Is Skinny But Delicious

Giant_sharks / reddit  

#5 What’s Happened To His Leg

unknown author / reddit 

#6 Sense Of Humor Make Way To Reunion

ohbear64 / reddit  

#7 Have Fun Cleaning This Up

flick92 / reddit  

#8 Colleague Might Have Stolen My Joke Karma. Well Seeing Her Take It Down Was Worthwhile

NspktrSpacetime / reddit

#9 Please Don’t Tap On Glass. Ice Cream Gets Scared

TheOneAndlyBenedictCumberBITCH / imgur  

#10 Eat Pizza & Look At Your Self In The Mirror

godofo / imgur  

#11 Being A Marine Biology Student Gives You Blobfish Slippers For Xmas

jordannosaurus / reddit  

#12 The Advertising Is Too Hyped

texasproof / reddit  

#13 Denial Isn’t Failure! Man Got Cake Designed With A Driver License After Failing Driving Test 13 Times

Fatos Desconhecidos / facebook  

#14 Dad Does Weird Things During Record-Breaking Low Temp

 PM_ME_YOUR_BEARDD / reddit  

#15 Plains Mugs Designed By Brother With Family Photos

Dilicious23 / twitter  

#16 Perhaps You Touched Your Genitals

 LlamaGod / imgur  

#17 We’re Just Creating The Moment

 schemeboy   ©  

#18 This Is The Creepiest Dad Cushions Ever

Bisenberg_ / reddit  

#19 April Fooled By Friends

InfidelRebel / reddit  

#20 Despite The Broken Nose, Ribs, And Perforated Lung, Humor Is 100%

unknown author / reddit  

#21 Any Cardiologists Here?

BrassBonanza / imgur  

#22 Sister’s Goldfish Replaced With Carrots

SamuelAnnis / twitter  

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