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“Women Have Themselves To Blame If They Don’t Look As Good As Me”


“Women Have Themselves To Blame If They Don’t Look As Good As Me”

It’s all about attitude and choices.

Andrea Sunshine has been putting in all efforts to separate herself from how today’s society expects a grandma to look. She’s aged 53 and typically workouts a minimum of three hours a day. Andrea also switches her routine to push her body to the limit, including doing hip thrusts of 150kg or squats of 90kg. 

The London-based discovered her passion for fitness while going through a divorce and since then became a bodybuilder. 

She spoke of her journey to her 123K followers on Instagram, saying: “After many years of being alone trying to find out more about who I was, and what I am here for, I have succeeded. I am ready to open my heart again to someone interesting and passionate.” Andrea has been flooded with messages from young admirers, but she’s not interested unless they have grey hairs.

She added: “I can’t be hypocrite, getting attention from young guys turns me on, makes me proud of my shape and works pretty much as fuel for my ego, makes me feel good and empowered.”

According to, Andrea admitted that she was never really attracted to boys and was more interested in mature guys since a young age. While she has had few experiences with young boys as she did with older people, she prefers those with grey hair. The bottom line for Andrea is that there should be chemistry and the question of how comfortable someone is with who they are. 

She stated: “In my opinion, the mature guys are more into women’s needs. The young guys are more worried about themselves, although most of the time they are fresher and hotter!”

Andrea turned the subject to other women her age, urging them to be more committed to working out. She advised: “If women aren’t happy with something, they can only blame themselves for that. Women who complain about looking old only have themselves to blame and need to be more committed to working out. It’s all about attitudes and choices. Workouts improve life quality, physically and mentally.”

However, her typical day begins with a protein shake for breakfast, a high-carb lunch, and a protein-based dinner. 

Andrea opts for a raw diet during the summer months and never eats food heated over 116oC. She has also advised that flat-out burpees are a great go-to exercise for a quick, intense workout and that ski abs, including touchdown lunges, will make one’s quads burn in seconds. Equally, it’s alleged that push-up shoulder taps work for upper body strength and balance. 

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