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Woman With ‘World’s Biggest Lips’ Has Fans Offering To Fly Her On Vacation


Woman With ‘World’s Biggest Lips’ Has Fans Offering To Fly Her On Vacation

Her filler-filled lips attract wealthy fans who send her messages inviting her to vacation in different countries and continents.

The title ‘woman with the biggest lips in the world is given to Andrea Ivanovo of Sofia, Bulgaria. The influencer is very much loved, and her appearance hasn’t only earned her over 20K followers but fans also offering to fly her on holiday and pay for her plane tickets to meet them. 

Ivanovo set a record of 30 hyaluronic acid injections in her lips, leading to her extreme plump pout. 

via andrea88476/Instagram

Her filler-filled lips now attract wealthy fans worldwide, sending the influencer messages via her social media pages and inviting her to vacation in different countries and continents. As of now, Ivanovo travels for other reasons, including her hobbies singing, and surgery.

Ivanovo told Daily Star of the offers: “I haven’t gone on vacation with my fan yet, but maybe one day I will go.”

“I travel abroad as I participate in singing competitions and festivals. For now, my favorite destinations are Turkey and Greece, where I have been many times to different cities. I have done all my interventions and procedures in the city where I live, in Sofia, but I plan to have my next surgery for bigger breasts in Turkey or in Germany because there are good specialists in these countries as well.” 

via andrea88476/Instagram

Ivanovo has enlarged her cheeks, shaped her chin/jawline & elongated her face with dermal fillers.

via andrea88476/Instagram

“I now have an elongated face and chin,” she alleged, stating that the reason why many women travel abroad to get plastic surgery is that there are better plastic surgeons and clinics in other countries and to save money since, in some countries, the prices of such interventions or perhaps procedures are much more affordable. Ivanovo admitted, “for me, the price is not of primary importance.”

“I think that, first of all, we should research where and what kind of specialists there are in the field of plastic surgery, whether they are ready to satisfy our wishes and whether they are good enough to achieve the result we want.” 

“For me, the reason for medical tourism should always be the search for better specialists in the field, not because of low prices. The price is not important when we are looking for quality and professionalism and the dream result.” Ivanovo stressed that she is confident and calm when traveling, even with all the negative comments from people. 

When traveling in different types of transportation, she alleged some point fingers, whisper, laugh, and make fun of her. 

via andrea88476/Instagram

But of course, some people come up to congratulate her and want to take pictures. However, taking care of her huge pout on the road is no issue, as Ivanovo constantly has balms in her bag to hydrate them. With her lips filled with hyaluronic acid, the influencer hydrates them with creams, so they do not dry out. On the other hand, medical tourism is growing, even with Brits flocking to Turkey for dental treatment, BBLs, and cheap surgery.


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