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This Influencer Wants To Be The Next Paige Spiranac Of Tennis, And She’s Single


This Influencer Wants To Be The Next Paige Spiranac Of Tennis, And She’s Single

The tennis influencer is considering dating a Brit.

Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann wants to be the next Paige Spiranac of tennis. St. Louis, Missouri, native had played Division 1 sports during college days and featured in Maxim. Like Spiranac and her golf sports, Rachel has also been using the tennis sport as a backdrop to post sexy photos and to show off her ample assets. 

Aside from tennis, her other interests include listening to NSYNC, staying indoors, and watching movies. 

Rachel, who uses her online platform to push the sport of tennis forward, had previously told The Post of her love for photo shoots. The influencer with 191K Instagram followers said: “I was like, ‘Wait, I want to do photo shoots and show that tennis is cool and that it can be hot and fun.” 


Currently, Rachel is single but considering dating a Brit. 

She said: “I’ve met a few British guys on tour, and they are all so nice and charming. I love the accent. It melts me.” Rachel, who had attended the University of Missouri, stressed that playing tennis gave her the discipline she used in her professional career and hopes to bring big-time tennis back to St. Louis.

In an interview with Jam Press, Rachel admitted she “respects what Paige has done for the sport of golf so much. We have similar stories.” 


She continued: “For the past few years, I’ve done everything in professional tennis from media, broadcasting, writing, marketing, sales, events, player relations, and much more – all with the goal to enhance the game and bring positive attention and coverage to the sport. My goal is to make the sport more mainstream and relatable – cool like other sports.” 

This month, Rachel will be traveling overseas with the Rolex Paris Masters.

The sexy influencer, who had spent time at the US Open in September and is a big fan of British tennis player Andy Murray further said she loves showcasing the beautiful courts at tournaments worldwide and taking pictures on tennis courts. As for her long-term project, Rachel disclosed what she has been working on is bringing a professional tennis tournament to her hometown. 

She added: “St. Louis has a rich tennis history and I want to bring professional tennis back there.” However, the tennis influencer loves the cold weather, stating: “winter time is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the fall and winter seasons and the holidays. My favorite thing is spending time with my family around the holidays. I also love the fresh air outside when it’s cold and fall and winter fashion.” 


On the other hand, Rachel will also be hosting the All-American Cup in San Antonio, Texas, in November.

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