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Ripped Gran, 64, Who Turns On Lads Half Her Age Rocks Bikini To Show Off Abs


Ripped Gran, 64, Who Turns On Lads Half Her Age Rocks Bikini To Show Off Abs

She’s 64 and living her best life.

Australian fitness enthusiast Lesley Maxwell is quite popular on Instagram for giving tips and tricks to stay fit regardless of age. But thousands are in disbelief whenever she revealed that she’s already 64 with suitors half her age.

Lesley often shows off her figure and promotes her program “90 Day Bring Your Sexy Back” to help others gain the same figure by offering one-on-one sessions.

She lives a very active life and would sometimes pose alongside her granddaughter, Tia Christofi, who was also inspired to hit the gym with her to stay fit as well. And with that figure, she’s not one too shy to show off her lean figure on Instagram.

In her newest bikini post, Lesley’s caption read suggestively, “Just finished washing my outdoor windows. How are they looking?”

She’s bombarded with praises as the woman donned a pair of white tops with orange bottoms. The skyline of the city was reflected in the mirror as she let her blonde hair down and one of her hands up. One commented, “aint nobody looking at the windows lol”

“The windows are looking good but definitely not as good as you look,” complimented another.

Another wrote, “Damn next time I eat pasta I’m gonna invite you over to grate the cheese. Those abs are razor sharp.”

Lesley is an achiever – she’s been a world champion for US Figure and now works as a personal trainer while building social media following that has over 117k followers now.

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