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Plus-Size Model Dates Skinny Man And Proves That Size Doesn’t Matter


Plus-Size Model Dates Skinny Man And Proves That Size Doesn’t Matter

Size is just, after all, a number!

Size is truly just a number in front of love. Alex Aspasia can certainly support that as the plus-size model cuddled her boyfriend in a viral TikTok clip where she revealed his face.

Plus-size model and content creator Alex Aspasia is all about that curve and self-love.

Aspasia looked very proud of her skinny boyfriend as she dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween and kissed the man who was wearing a pair of bunny ears as Roger Rabbit.

She captioned the video, “Don’t let your size stop you from finding someone special.”

Now at almost 650k views, the video had people complimenting how good they looked together. The 330-pound brunette model looked seductively into the camera while her man only had eyes for her.

Viewers complimented their love and wished them a happy life together.

Her relationship incited some viewers to express their dream of feeling the same. One wrote, “Size is stopping me [from finding a partner]. I don’t have anybody.”

Aspasia encouraged them, “You will find someone. It definitely takes time though.”

She’s tight-lipped when it comes to how they met and started dating.

And sure enough, the hate speech poured into her DMs after the viral TikTok. She shared that trolls were making hateful comments about her relationship because of their size difference.

She doesn’t back down and commented, “Why y’all so mad?”

“Laughing at the trolls who hate that I’m a fat woman with an amazing partner.”

The trolls can’t accept that she could find love against their common belief. Good for her!

@alexaspasia I love this lol #DidYouYawn #plussizedating #kiss ♬ original sound – Big Ty 💪🏽🐻❤️

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