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Man Mistakenly Paid 286 Times His Salary Ends Up Resigning And Disappeared


Man Mistakenly Paid 286 Times His Salary Ends Up Resigning And Disappeared

No arrests have been made.

A man who was mistakenly paid 286 times his normal salary ended up resigning and disappearing into thin air. The unnamed worker worked at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), an industrial food company that’s one of Chile’s largest producers of cold-cut meat. 

When HR of the firm picked on the error, they reached out to the employee to discuss the mistaken wage. 

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“He was informed and clarified that his money did not correspond to the payment of any service,” Chilean legal documents claim, per Diario Financiero. It was alleged the man initially agreed to go to his the following day to sort out the repayment but then failed to show up to work and eventually went completely AWOL. 

His employers could not contact him despite multiple attempts to call, text, and WhatsApp the worker. 

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More interestingly, the employee later made contact on June 2nd only to tender his resignation. So far, Cial has since launched legal action against the former staff to try and get the excess payback, but no arrests have been made. However, it’s reported the employee was supposed to have a monthly payment that worked out as 500K Chilean Pesos, an equivalent of $545.

In May, the company paid the employee 165, 398,851 Chilean Pesos, meaning his monthly pay packet was hundreds of times the amount it should have been.

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According to, the nation’s monthly minimum wage is around 400K Chilean Pesos per month. On the other hand, this comes as a worker in the UK decided to hit back at her bosses by launching an unfair dismissal case, having been awarded £12,138.40 in compensation. The former New Look worker Samantha Jackson told a tribunal she felt bullied by her line manager Kristy Sherburn, who slammed her for wearing Nike trainers. 

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