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This Island In Greece Is Eager To Pay You To Move There


This Island In Greece Is Eager To Pay You To Move There

Would you shake things up for this opportunity?

Have you been desiring to move to an island with your loved ones? If you’ve been feeling bored with modernity as well as want to trade those stressful in the city for a quiet and peaceful life by the sea, then this article is best for you.

An Island in Greece is presently looking for residents and it’s willing to also offer a salary to anyone interested in moving there. Hence, if you’ve been dreaming to explore beyond the present, read on to learn some important details before you begin packing.

HappyHumanity has examined this proposal and have decided to share them with you. Enjoy!

#1 An Island With An Interesting Past And A Future To Plan

© Antonis Bartsiokas / Wikimedia Commons   © CC BY-SA 4.0  

When you travel through the Aegean Sea, you will be landing at an island surrounded by turquoise waters hidden in the ocean holding about 7.89 square miles of nature titled ‘Antikythera.’

With Antikythera having only one town called Potamos, a 2000-year old device recognized as the 1st computer: The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered there. While it has gone into oblivion, local governors are presently looking for residents willing to move in.

#2 What’s The Country Offering If Interested Persons Are Selected To Change Their Lives For A Greek Adventure?

© Mamma Mia! Here we go again / Universal Pictures  

Just recently, the Island unveiled a re-population project with the assistance and sponsorship of the Orthodox Church of Greece. It aimed at attracting large families willing to change their lives and moving to a stunning location. Lucky ones will be rewarded with a portion of land to grow food, a house, a business and a monthly salary of approximately $560 within the first three years.

#3 Being Home To Just 20 Inhabitants Presently, Local Governors Seek To Re-Populate The Island

© Zde / Wikimedia Commons   © CC BY-SA 4.0  

Over time, the Island has been losing its community as a result of the decrease in birth rate and as a result of the migration of young adults to several other cities in search of economic opportunities. Hence, the project is mainly for families with children.

#4 The Profile They’re Seeking For in interested settlers

© Jimmyoneill / Wikimedia Commons   © CC BY-SA 3.0  

Giving more attention to Greek Citizen applicants, people from other nationalities are, however, equally welcome to apply. Specifically, a local school has re-opened after being closed for over 24years.

#5 The Island Is Remote And Not Connected

© The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants / Warner Bros.  

The city is two hours away by ferry on the island of Crete and four hours away in Laconia, the Greece mainland.  

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