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Instagram Curvy Model Shows How Real Bodies Are Just As Beautiful


Instagram Curvy Model Shows How Real Bodies Are Just As Beautiful

“Sometimes weight gain is needed, and for me, it gained me happiness.”

Being a curvy model means you’re faced with a barrage of comments about how you’re not fit, healthy, and even as far as how you’re not supposed to feel pretty.

But Ellie Sweet never stops speaking for the plus-size community as a glamour model herself who gained weight.

Using her platform, Ellie often shares how different you can look when you know the right angle to take a picture of yourself.

Ellie’s Instagram vs. reality posts are particularly people’s favorite because over 27.5k followers of hers love her for the genuine content of hers that encourages people who are plus-size or are gaining weight not to feel bad about themselves.

She shared about the time before she gained weight, “I was struggling so much. I was barely eating, couldn’t sleep well, just genuinely so depressed.”

“I used to dislike everything about myself, and I never ever thought it was even slightly possible to be confident and comfortable with who I am and how I look.”

But when she let herself go, she felt “happy.” She added, “I still struggle and have a lot of work to do before I’m where I need to be, but finally, I know it can get better.”

“I am at the weight that works perfectly for me, I am eating the right amount, I am sleeping amazing, my mindset has improved an incredible amount, and I actually look after myself.”

She added that the compliments people gave her when she struggled with body image and lost weight due to being unhappy, “thinking it’s a good thing when it was actually a very upsetting thing.”

She said, “It’s crazy how many people praised me up when I lost all that weight due to being so unhappy.”

Ellie is completely against praising people when they lose weight because “you have no idea about the lifestyle that person is living.”

“You should never comment on someone’s weight unless they know about why and whether it was intentional.”

“Sometimes weight gain is needed, and for me, it gained me happiness,” she explained her situation. “Weight gain made me healthy mentally and physically, and I needed it.”

She encouraged others that weight gain is by no means anything wrong to be feared. Ellie added, “If you’re in the process of gaining weight for a healthier lifestyle or mindset, I’m proud of you, sometimes it really is so needed to gain weight, and you should never feel ashamed to.”

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