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‘I’m Plus-Size And Happy To Weigh 320lbs – Men Have Asked Me To Squash Them’


‘I’m Plus-Size And Happy To Weigh 320lbs – Men Have Asked Me To Squash Them’

“Are you truly happy at that weight? Yes.”

It’s easier to see people criticize other people’s lives from behind the screen. And especially when you put things out there, people would always have questions they can’t help asking. They can get very personal, starting with your actual body weight, the typical questions that make people shy away from others.

Olivia from Toronto shares that she’s been living her life as a proud owner of a 320-pound body. She’s not apologetic at all and can’t stop flaunting how happy and popular she is. She addressed some questions that she gets asked most commonly which slowly get personal, from her actual weight, so if she’s broken a toilet seat before. And she’s unapologetically answering “yes” to them all.

Olivia has 576k followers on TikTok and more than 5.5m likes.

The Canadian social media star loves sharing her fashion haul, makeup tutorials, and occasional, some fun facts about her life as a plus-size star. Such as getting stares from people in public.

And she embraces it. Olivia even admitted to having been requested to squash them.

She didn’t miss the opportunity to show off her wardrobe collection with a fitting off-the-shoulder dress and a pair of black heels. She proudly shares that she’s “truly happy at that weight.”

And she does work out, contrary to popular beliefs!

“Finally setting the record straight #fatpositive,” she shared with her viewers.

Olivia has often been trolled and insulted for her weight, but her followers have nothing but only praises for her. One commented, “Do you look good? Yes.”

Another wrote, “Omg you’re everything I dream to be!”

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