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‘I’ll Never Have Kids – They’re Annoying & Have No Common Sense’


‘I’ll Never Have Kids – They’re Annoying & Have No Common Sense’

She fears her child will develop mental health issues due to the state of the world.

For various reasons, Lorella Palmer has insisted she doesn’t want children, and she’s tired of people trying to change her mind or call her decision selfish. The 22-Year-Old revealed she would focus on growing her business as an agent for social media influencers rather than birthing a baby. 

One reason is the fear her body would change & her bank would be emptied as kids are expensive to train. 

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Lorella’s BF, Callum Page, has backed up the decision to choose herself over raising a family and insisted he doesn’t feel ready for children either. “Kids are just annoying; they annoy me in every sense of the word. They have no common sense, they can’t drink, they have to go to bed early, they scream, they cry, they annoy me,” she told The Mirror

She added: “Every time I see a child, they’ve just got crust round their nose and round their mouth, there’s drool, they’ve got food everywhere and they’ve got sticky fingers.”

via lorellapalmer/Instagram

The law graduate also admitted she hates children’s TV too and then lamented: “Your kid is one; they don’t need to watch cartoons, pop on Vampire Diaries please or Gossip Girl or Friends.”

She continued: “Why would I want to push something out of my hoo-ha and expand my stomach and my cherries and everything else on me that’s just going to change? Kids are expensive. I know what it’s like to grow up quite poor, and I’d rather go on holiday than pay for a kid.” Callum insisted he still felt like a kid and had just graduated university; hence he hadn’t experienced adult life, just student life. 

A single father had raised Lorella. She credited her dad did an incredible job but added that most men don’t feel the same sense of responsibility. 

She said: “Dads are rewarded for looking after their kids but moms are just expected to do it. If I wanted to go out with my girls for a night out, and my baby daddy had to look after our child, other people will be like ‘Aww, isn’t it lovely that he’s so hands-on? But if he wanted to go out and I looked after the kid, nobody would say the same about me. Moms are just expected to do everything, and if the dad does his normal dad duties, he’s applauded.”

Another reason for not wanting kids is that the influencer feared her child would develop mental health issues due to the current state of the world. She expressed: “The world is a really, really bad place, bullying, war, poverty, men with podcasts, a pandemic, the list goes on. You can’t control that. You can be the best parent ever and your child can seriously still grow up with some bad issues and bad things going on around them.”

However, the style blogger from London is still young and could hopefully change her mind but urged people shouldn’t put pressure on women to raise a family. 

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