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Why Moms Need To Take Vacation Without Kids, Psychologists Explain


Why Moms Need To Take Vacation Without Kids, Psychologists Explain

Is there a real break from this ‘job’?

As you embark on the journey to be a mother, you can quickly feel exhausted and drained – your baby needs you 24/7 and you often have to give up hours of sleep. As they grow up, your job is now to prevent your active kids from running through the aisles in the supermarket among many things, making sure they eat right and do their homework.

Your job never gives you a break, but it’s also not one you can resign from.

That’s why we’ll break it down for you – you need to take a break on your own. And we’re not telling you to abandon your job as a mother.

Take one vacation before you’re experiencing burnout.

This parenting job requires your full-time attention on your children. It can get really exhausted even when you’re setting off on a vacation with the family. That is not without packing their stuff, anticipating issues and having to deal with their tantrums in public.

More than 10% of parents suffer from burnout due to parenting EVERY week and this will affect your health. Eventually, it affects your mood and even your parenting effectiveness.

Give your family a chance.

A chance for what? When you’re home, you have the role of a mother who does everything from house chores to kid-related needs. Taking a momcation gives your family a chance to be responsible and reliable when you’re not around. It lets your significant other to be involved and spend some quality time with kids without you.

Eventually, everyone will understand what is it that you’ve done for them and appreciate your work. When you come home, you’ll have a line of people who now shows even more respect for your job.

Allow everyone to grow.

Do you still remember who you are before this whole parenting life came to be? That smartass girl who loves to hike, that beautiful girl who loves the piano and that adventurous girl that can’t seem to plant her root – where is that girl?

Let yourself be free and rediscover yourself. Set your soul free for the next whole week to figuring out your hobby, your passion in things and why you love your life so much.

When your kids are used to having you around, not having you will definitely affect them. They might miss you for the first few days, but they will eventually grow out of it and learn to find themselves while you do that out there. It will keep both sides growing while having enough time to figure things out.

And one day, they will be living their own life while you go back to yours. If your whole life has been about them, what will your life become when it’s not?

You’ll become a better mother!

A happy, satisfied mother will always be a better mother to her kids. Your positive mood will affect how you parent and how your children feel. And this escape is not one to contemplate if having kids are good – it’s one to allow you reorganize yourself and just take a good break from life.

And you can go to a vacation with your kids next time as well!

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