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‘I Sniff My Husband’s Underwear To Make Sure He’s Not Cheating’


‘I Sniff My Husband’s Underwear To Make Sure He’s Not Cheating’

Do you also deem the alleged infidelity test of smelling underwear as toxic and controlling?

Most people have, over time, resorted to both bizarre and clever ways to determine if their partner is cheating, from using a doorbell camera, McDonald’s meals, and even, interestingly, through photos. The newest method is called the Infidelity Smell Test, described as smelling a partner’s underwear to sniff out potential love rivals. 

Guatemalan model Kimberly Flores detailed the smell test on the reality TV show “Rica, Famosa, Latina.”

The businesswoman, as per Newsflash, reported that the method is one best way to tell if her husband’s been cheating. “I always check the expenses of the credit card, the calls at midnight and I even smell his underpants and even the likes on Instagram,” the 33-Year-Old said on the TV show, translated as “Rich, Famous, Latin.”

Flores insisted that it’s how she confirms if her husband, whom she has been married to for three years, Mexican singer Edwin Luna, has been faithful.

The model isn’t the first to pull through such awkward thinking and possibly won’t be the last. Besides, it would be recalled that rap icon T.I had been ripped online in 2019 for infamously ranting about regularly having a doctor check his daughter’s hymen to know if she is still a virgin. 

However, Luna has since shared a snippet of his wife’s interview from the TV show on Instagram. 

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The 35-Year-Old, with 3.6million Instagram followers, captioned the post inquiring if it was proof Flores was toxic. Unsurprisingly, the video split viewers’ opinions, with some deeming the smelling underwear test pathological and controlling. Others thought she made the statement in jest, as evidenced by the fact that even Luna seemed unbothered. 

At the end of the clip, the singer declared, “she says she is not toxic,” poking fun at Flores. Next, the camera panned her, who then raised a quizzical eyebrow. 

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