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‘I Quit My Coffee Shop Job To Show Off My Body Hair And I Now Earn Six Figures’


‘I Quit My Coffee Shop Job To Show Off My Body Hair And I Now Earn Six Figures’

The hairy content creator whose selling point is her hair!

A content creator shared that she’s quit her job and even her university to focus on her only career by making erotic content full-time and stopped shaving. She goes by the nickname Cherry the Mistress where she gets kinky requests that could’ve only been aimed at her for being a “hairy” content creator.

The OnlyFans star revealed that she’s been making over six figures a year to make ends meet.

The content creator shared that the hardship of balancing her job and studies at the university had been particularly challenging. She told DailyMail, “I heard of OnlyFans during the start of the pandemic and I also just started going to college and living on my own.”

“I was working at a coffee shop and I found it really difficult to have enough money to pay all my bills and live comfortably, so started an account.”

Six months later, she found herself making as much as the coffeeshop without having to stand for hours on end. So she quit the job.

Two years later, she has thousands of followers on her social media page as the “no shave babe.”

“I was studying psychological sciences to be a sex therapist and it would take me over 10 years to be making the money I do now,” she shared her calculations. “I plan on doing OnlyFans for as long as I can. I see models who are in their 40s-60s doing OnlyFans and that definitely inspires me.”

But her conservative family didn’t know she’s dropped out and been involved in a risque business, and they’ve assumed that she was only “taking a break.” She guessed that they’d be “greatly upset” when they found out.

“I know one day they will inevitably find out and I have to be prepared for that day.”

But she can only describe her subscribers as “the sweetest” and thanked them for complimenting her “natural curves, hairy pits, and large bush.”


She continued, “A lot of them call me their goddess and it definitely makes me feel so confident and special. Daily they tell to me how much they love my erotic content and hearing that really makes my long work days worth it.”

“I have gotten a multitude of requests for custom videos, but I don’t know if I would consider them to be unusual. A lot of people have kinks that just aren’t spoken about often in the media or don’t feel comfortable sharing such a vulnerable thing.”

She’s gotten unusual requests from pretending to be someone’s mom to humiliating men for their genitalia’s size. She continued, “I think a lot of my fans love that I don’t share or wear deodorant, because it’s something they don’t see often.”

On the other hand, the amount of insults isn’t short either, with the namecallings ranging for “man” to a “Chewbacca.”


“I’ve been told that I’m gross, don’t have hygiene, that I need to shave and wax my body, and that I will never find a boyfriend, which is funny because I have one, and they will die alone.”

The confident content creator added, “Years ago I would’ve been so upset and confused as to why people are hating on something that is natural and normal. But now I just laugh at hate comments. I’m really comfortable and happy with who I am and how I look, so it doesn’t affect me.”

She’s also refused to wear deodorants, which are often infused with chemicals or have weird texture she feels uncomfortable with.

“I enjoy how I smell. And I haven’t experienced any unusual side events! If anything, when I shaved, I would always experience razor burn and ingrown hairs and I haven’t experienced any of that when I stopped shaving.”

“Although, I will wear non-toxic deodorant out in public if I’m going to the gym or for a hike for the sake of other people as my scent can be pretty strong. And I still do shower daily!”


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