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‘I Had A Sugar Daddy Who Paid Me $2k Just To Text Him’


‘I Had A Sugar Daddy Who Paid Me $2k Just To Text Him’

Nothing else was involved, just text!

Bailey Hunter met with her sugar daddy of three years while working as a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings. Since then, the duo messaged back and forth, and just when she opened up about her financial struggles, the man sent her thousands of dollars without hesitation. 

Bailey Hunter claims her sugar daddy gave her $2K a month and access to a credit card for just texting him.

The Indiana-based revealed they’ve never had a sexual relationship, yet he often treats her with lavish gifts like VIP concert tickets, designer bags, new clothes, and even help pay her bills while also sending her cash to spend. At a point, he gave her a credit card to use for anything she wanted.

Bailey said she didn’t even have to send the man pictures in the arrangement that lasted three years.

She had met with the sugar daddy while waitressing at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Taking to TikTok, Bailey in detail shared how she met with the man, and instantly, it went viral with over seven million views. In her clip, she explained: “The way I met him is not through some site. I was a serving at Buffalo Wild Wings at the time. I was a waitress, there and I was serving this table.”

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The man also left a generous tip of $100 on a $40 bill along with his business card.

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As he left before she could thank him for the tip, she texted him, expressing her appreciation.

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“It was him and this young girl, and right away, I could tell it was a sugar daddy type situation. But of course, no judgment, like get your money, girl. So I’m talking with them. But when he goes to leave, he leaves me a $100 tip on a $40 bill. And he leaves his business card with it.”

Eventually, the pair kept in touch, became close friends.

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On their first date, he took her shopping & she bought Victoria’s Secret bras, perfume, and a Michael Kors bag.

Bailey added that the man, a CFO at a big company, left even before she could thank him for the massive tip, so he decided to send him a text to let him know she appreciated it. After that, the two started messaging and talking to him; according to Bailey felt like she was chatting with an old friend.

The man also sent her VIP tickets to EDC Orlando and Cardi B concert tickets.

However, she got so “spoiled” she sought another sugar daddy when she relocated.

Bailey didn’t know much about sugar daddies before this. Living in a small town in Indiana, Bailey shared it wasn’t super common, so it was a thing she was used to seeing. And just when she moved to another state, she and the man stopped talking, but she remained determined to find that again with someone else. Unluckily, it wasn’t as common as she thought. 

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Amid her search for a new one, she realized her previous was a “unicorn” as most want “more than just text.”

“I got on an app called Seeking Arrangement and was looking for that similar type of arrangement. Then I realized I had a unicorn, and most sugar daddies want more than just to text, if you know what I mean. But it was good while it lasted.” Bailey said. Her video has since sparked an outpour online as many commenters revealed they were jealous of her situation.

In a second clip, Bailey said she’s now using an app called Meet-Meet New Friends.

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Through the app, you earn points by messaging guys and exchanging those points for real money. 

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In a second clip, Bailey, who had just bought a home for herself, said she’s now using an app called Meet-Meet New Friends. The platform helps you connect with new people by chat or video and start meaningful relationships. She added that you earn points by messaging guys through the app and exchanging those points for real money. 

Here’s How People Reacted To Her Now Viral Video:

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