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Body Positive Influencer Shuts Up Trolls Who Accused Her Of ‘Promoting Obesity’


Body Positive Influencer Shuts Up Trolls Who Accused Her Of ‘Promoting Obesity’

But they’re not enough to stop her.

A body confidence figure has gained much love and a fanbase who loves her encouragement for self-love regardless of your shape. Brynta Ponn revealed the comments trolls have been leaving on her page and one of them slammed her for “promoting obesity.”

Beautiful Brynta Ponn from Toronto loves sharing her style and gush over her dog. And occassionally, reminding people that you don’t have to have the perfect figure to be happy.

Unfortunately, there are always people who disagree. While she’s never seen her own body as a problem, some people think otherwise. One of the unsolicited advice read, “Diet and exercise, it will solve all your problems.”

The married woman smiled while flaunting her happiness in white underwear as the comment continues, “Stop singing and put down the fork and knife.”

Another wrote, “This is stupid. Stop promoting obesity.”

“Go workout Lizzo,” read another one.

She captioned her post, “Well, isn’t this lovely?”

But her fans were supportive and love was shown and contrary to what the trolls want her to believe, people defended her. One commented, “People have so many issues with people just simply existing.”

Another inspired viewer wrote, “You have given me some inspiration. I hate every photo of me, never happy, you have shown me that it’s okay to embrace and love my body.”

Brynta is especially baffled when she learned that some of the comments came from women.

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In one post she shares that her imperfection is as normal as it can get. Brynta wrote, “I’ve come to appreciate their beauty and my body for all that it is.”

“Just because the world can’t accept your body – doesn’t mean that it is a problem that needs to be solved. There is an industry making millions of dollars off of headlines like these that make you believe that you are not good enough,” she continued. “Happy and healthy doesn’t feel like a problem to me.”

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