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Australian ‘Barbie’ Shows Her Poutiest Yet Lips After A New Enhancement


Australian ‘Barbie’ Shows Her Poutiest Yet Lips After A New Enhancement

And she’s getting more in the future.

Tara Jayne is known as a plastic surgery addict around her. The Barbie of Australia revealed her new pair of enhanced pouts and side b***, dressed in festive red for the holiday season.

The self-proclaimed “Australia’s Limited Edition Barbie Doll,” filmed a seductive selfie video showing her pout.

Tara suggestively posed in the video while showing off the very pair of lips that landed her in the US TV show “Botched.” She’s become quite the social media star since the show, after getting five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, and countless jabs of fillers and Botox.

And she’s not done; despite the doctor’s warnings, she’s heading to Istanbul for more this year. She’s planning to get a facelift and yet another breast augmentation surgery. And she’s looking to get the controversial surgery to change her eye color permanently.

Tara stops at nothing and doesn’t fear the risks that come with the surgeries.

She shared despite all the criticisms, “But there’s always improvements that can be made, which is why I’m heading to Turkey for another round of surgeries. With me, it’s not a case of less is more. It’s the more, the better. I’m not happy with my breasts. In my eyes, they’re too small.”

“That’s why I want them enlarged from 1050cc to 1500cc. They will look great once that is done.”

When she appeared on “Botched,” surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow have refused to go with the surgeries.

The user who has over 210k Instagram followers is now a model for Force1 Apparel.

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