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25 Funny Comics About A Modern Girl’s Everyday Life


25 Funny Comics About A Modern Girl’s Everyday Life

You possibly will exclaim: “This is so Me!”

Being a woman is a challenging task. They are faced with issues like the sudden appearance of blemishes, frustration that comes with being a woman in today’s world, especially as certain expectations are expected to be met, and even the inevitable menstrual periods. The mentioned above and many others are precisely what BLOOME_Comics on Instagram covers. Don’t you think women deserve some accolades?

The artist behind this webcomic uses the character Hanna, a girl born in the internet age, for every tale, and of course, you will find her struggles much relatable. While you might feel BLOOME_Comics has been eavesdropping on your life after a glance through, the artist has over time proved that a bit of self-irony could significantly help amid everyday life struggles. Here we’ve collated a few that touches on women’s confusions, pitfalls, and even niceties. Have a look, enjoy! 

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Love Yourself In All Shapes.

Two Moods In Periods.

And I’m Feeling Good.

Only Girls Can Understand This Pain.

The ‘I’m Home’ Text.

The Height Difference.

The Dance At Home.

How My Hands Look Vs. How It Feels.

Why It’s Always Like That.

All The Damn Time.

Real Life Vs. Instagram.

Autumn Is Definitely The Time.

Applying Oil.

No, I Don’t Complain.

The Sexy Dress.

It’s Better To Take Away All Stuff Before Sleeping.

There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of.

Which Type Are You?

Who Also Does This?

Pics With Friend Vs. Best friend.

Why It So?

Where Have You Been?

Short Girls Problems.

The Look In The Morning.

Can You Relate?

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