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17 Women Who Show Off Their Body Hair And Gained Happiness


17 Women Who Show Off Their Body Hair And Gained Happiness

Your hair, your body, your decision.

The way people care about your body hair can be very disturbing. It’s wild because men are allowed to have them, but women are dictated to shave any visible hair on their body because they’re deemed “unhygienic.” We’re not saying men and their 4-in-1 are bad, though.

Jokes aside, it’s amazing to see that more women are finding it themselves to not shave no more. And that those who do, do it for themselves and because they enjoy the process and/or the result. No more women getting nightmares because they went to get a Starbucks in sleeveless in summer. No more women feeling stressed out because their family might say something about it.

“Went out in public in a skirt for the first time since I stopped shaving my legs. It was a little scary but exhilarating. No one noticed to my knowledge!”


“I loved subtly showing off my hairy legs this Christmas.”


“Normalizing hairy bodies one selfie at a time.”


Feeling pretty regardless.


“Try not to worry about their rude comments, they’re showing their OWN insecurity & lack of knowledge— not yours! There is NOTHING wrong with your natural body.”


“For a long time I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves on the street.”


Mo’Nique, an Academy Award winner, one of the first to show off her legs.

Martina Cariddi never looks less than fabulous.


Actress Sophia Hadjipanteli shows off her natural brows while modeling.


“Here’s my contribution.”


“Woke up really loving my body hair, it makes me who I am.”

G0ddessm0mmy / Reddit

“Feeling free.”

“Society en masse needs to accept women have hair too!”


“My body hair makes me feel so confident with myself! I wish society was more open to women not shaving.”

cherryishairy / Reddit

Halloween without the blade!


“Enjoying the last bit of sun before the cold is here to stay.”


“We are the nature.”


Ashley Graham never apologizes for looking and feeling this good.


“I never wanna shave again.”


“You CAN wear the cute top AND have hairy pits! I feel like super woman!”


Feeling rebellious and free.


“Happy with my hairy beach legs.”


“Embracing my hair for over 1 year now and loving it.”

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