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17 People Who Were Born With The Wonder Of Nature Printed On Them


17 People Who Were Born With The Wonder Of Nature Printed On Them

The creativity of nature.

They were born with features a lot of people don’t have. Innocent children thought they were freaks and weirdos. As they grew up, they learned not to be bothered by those things. They were just born a little different than most and eventually found out that just makes them extra special than others.

Some birth defects do come with possible health concerns, so be sure to check out with your doctors and healthcare personnel! All body is beautiful, and nobody is ever 100% the same, anyway!

“I was born with only four fingers on my left hand.”


“I was born with a condition where my right thumb is unable to bend.”


“My son was born with a black spot of hair in his blonde hair. It grows in black, and there is no birthmark or discoloration under it.”


This is Khoudia Diop, a dark-skinned model who was dubbed the “melanin goddess.”


“Was at a water park and seen the “hang six” on the wall it so happens I have 6 toes on my left foot.”


“My son’s amazing birthmark!”


“The type of birthmark is port wine stain, in case you were wondering.”


“I have a double ear lobe.”


“Apparently, this is called a triphalangeal thumb, a malformation where your thumbs have an extra phalanx.”


“I was born with 3-ish toes on my right foot.”


Long hair for the winter.


“There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button.”


“My pinkie was the only finger to get numb when working outside in the winter.”


“My friend, at 30, just realized his right pinkie only has two phalanxes.”


Preauricular sinus is a condition when you have a small hole form just right outside your ear. It can cause infection which leads to individuals needing surgery to remove it.


“I’ve never been able to play volleyball without getting injured because my fingers are too bendy.”


“My belly button attracts a lot of comments…”


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