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This Mom’s Stunning Before & After Photos Are Not What You Expect


This Mom’s Stunning Before & After Photos Are Not What You Expect

People aren’t fat; they naturally just have fat.

One Summer, Allison Kimmy’s daughter branded her fat in a fit over having to get out of the pool. Allison shared the moment on Instagram, alongside her response, and it instantly went all viral. In her post, the mom realized it was essential for her to reassign a new meaning for the word that had plagued her most of her life and also doesn’t want her daughter to grow up thinking it was bad.

Allison Kimmey is a body-positivity DIVA, and it’s about time we all learn from her.

The mom is singlehandedly taking steps to change the way we [humans] think about the word ‘FAT.’

In one of her Instagram posts, Allison shared how her young daughter called her “fat.” 

Notably, Allison’s message is that happiness is not and will never be associated with a number on a scale. The moment also initiated gorgeous pictures of her at her happiest rather than at her thinnest. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the mom-of-two shared how her before and after weight journey began. 

Instead of being angered, she discussed with her daughter and told her that fat is NORMAL.

She also said to her daughter that we’re all worthy of love and respect no matter what size we are.

Basically, Allison’s Instagram has since been an inspiring, motivating page.

She said: “I looked at my own life and started to realize that my story looked quite different. After spending 15 years trying to achieve the perfect before and after photo, I was most alive right then, at that moment, being far heavier than I once was.” In the comment of her post, she has since been flooded with praise as most people couldn’t agree less with her perspective.

She often shares stunning before-and-after photos of herself at her happiest. Not her thinnest.

In each one of her Instagram posts, she ensures to talk about body issues and depression.

And so far, Allison’s posts are beacons of hope and motivation for many people struggling with weight.

Lemdot wrote: “@allisonkimmey Your confidence had [sic] inspired me to not only but my first bikini but to work on my body image for myself and my two amazing little girls who gave me my glitter stripes. Thank you for doing you.” Allison’s community is now a place where women can share and heal their body image wounds.

Undeniably, Allison proves being at peace with yourself is something your size can’t achieve for you.

“It’s not about your size or your weight. It’s not about what you did or didn’t eat. It’s about how you feel about yourself, your journey on this earth, and how you give back to others.”

Allison has insisted the best transformations don’t depend on size but on accepting and loving your body. 

Tootiemariealexander also commented: “Our families, especially the women in our families, think there are no consequences to what they say. I’ve struggled my whole life with overcoming the s*** that my mom my grandmother put in my brain about my body. And I work every single day to not to do that to my daughters.”

She has gone through many body changes, posting photos of herself as a size two and others as a size 18.

Though her outlook is purely about body positivity but hasn’t doesn’t stop hate from online trolls.

Regardless of what people think or say, Allison isn’t giving up and will remain herself.

Interestingly, Allison’s husband has also turned to her and confessed, saying: “I’ve never told you, but you’ve inspired me too, to feel comfortable in my body.” Thankfully, the Florida mom is beginning to see the impact her message and confidence have had on her children, and she couldn’t be happier. 

“I’ve never told you, but you’ve inspired me too, to feel comfortable in my body,” Her husband had told her.

The Florida mom is VERY HAPPY with the impact her message and confidence have had on her children.

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