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Teacher Dressed Up In A Full-Body Suit To Teach Anatomy Class


Teacher Dressed Up In A Full-Body Suit To Teach Anatomy Class

Good teachers still exist.

The best thing about school is definitely the friends, but most of us, given that we’ve met one, can remember that kind teacher that seems to care truly. It can’t be blamed that some teachers work for the money, but some really went the extra mile to understand the materials.

Here are one such teacher and her name is Verónica. She’s been working in the education field as a teacher for 15 years in natural and social science, art, English, and Spanish.

She was a teacher of the third graders and was trying to think of a way to make the lessons more interesting and impactful.

She coincidentally met an ad from AliExpress and thought about giving it a shot.


Who would have known, these images are now imprinted in our brains. Michael tweeted some of the pictures during the lesson where Verónica wore the suit. It went viral and has earned 13.2k retweets and 66k likes.


It turns out, and this isn’t the only time that Verónica does something more to help her students learn. She uses disguises during history lessons and cardboard crowns during English to learn grammatical categories, each category for a kingdom.

She explained, “I’d like society to stop considering teachers to be lazy bureaucratic public servants. We’re certainly not.”

Several Internet commentators have made reference to some popular characters!

This is Slim Goodbody, a character whose productions are meant for children and encourage them to live a healthy life on Discovery Education.

Attack On Titan Bernholdt GIF - AttackOnTitan Bernholdt Punch GIFs

Meanwhile, a titan character is on a Japanese anime titled ‘Attack on Titan’ whose design is a human but without the skin.

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